Decision, decision...

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  1. i love LV! i don't use my any other designer bags as much as my LVs.
    i'd surely go for the irene,cos it's a stunning bag. good luck in your decision, waiting for your reveal ;)
  2. IMHO turqoise is a summer colour only and it has to match the outfit. I think you´ll get more use of the Irene. And I´d never go into debt for a bag. Just my opinion.
  3. Saw your sister post at Gucci

    I have LV luggage and am about to 'invest' in some LV but I still love my Gucci bags with a passion that is equal to if not greater than for chocolate/diamonds/guitars

    I think people are a bit hard on Gucci . Maybe because:

    A) it is annoying to buy an expensive bag and then to see it for half the price in the sale. (Although the sale allows you to buy the bag of your dreams which is a plus).

    B) There are lower price point bags (kind of beginner-Gucci) and some may feel these 'lower' the general tone of the Gucci label

    C) The canvas bags have had some 'issues' (my Jackie included) and its heartbreaking to see your bag (whatever it cost) wearing quickly.

    Having said that IMO CHANEL bags have such major quality issues at the moment.

    You simply won't have any of these things to deal with because you're already buying the Irina in the sale, its croc (king of leathers) and it's gonna last a lifetime.

    This year I'm buying classic leather Gucci and an Alma (both will never be on sale)

    But you've made me stop and think

    do you know something, I'm going into (London) town tomorrow to look at new LV and Gucci Fall goodies - if I see the turq-croc Irina for half price at Gucci I might get that instead!

  4. you should go with what your gut instincts tell you.
    for me, i would get the irene. my friends have complained about the lack of quality of gucci (but this is hearsay, mind you!)
    good luck!
  5. I have the same problem with my New Jackie bag too. The pins from the bamboo lock came off so easily. I had it fixed one time then just 1/2hr of wearing, another pin from the bottom came off. I am utterly in shock! But I don't have any problem with any other bag with Gucci.

    I called them and ask them about the inventory about the croc and they said they are planning on sending them to outlets. How many outlets are there? Should I wait until they shipped them to outlets, hoping that it will get cheaper there?

    I hate the fact that LV never go on sale. I mean, I have no problem waiting a season later to get the bags. The Irene bag had price adjustment though. From $4040 to $3890. I think it does not happen often, does it?

    Hmm...I might just go with the croc. I like that fact that it is not brown (Gosh, I have so many brown bags) and it is turquoise! I saw the bag in NY but the tanning is not so good. I mean, it must have been difficult to tan it. The coloration is uneven.

  6. The lighter the croc the harder it is to tan. That's why white croc's price is usually off the scale and mostly only available to order.

    I have purple Gucci croc - at first I thought it was fading or gong milky or something and then I noticed (shame on me) it was actually due to the iridescent glaze that made it look lighter where ever it caught the light. For an intelligent person I can sure be stupid sometimes.:P
  7. OMG! I do not want to carry a white croc. I mean, not only it is hard to tan and the price but it will get dirty easily.

  8. Get the Irene ;)
  9. I'd go with the Irene!
  10. I love the Irene...I told my DH I found my baby and he was like is it mine? I said nope it's all mine then he came over and realized I was staring at Irene.

    I too had bad experience with Gucci. I ranted on here about it since then it's all about LVs. The fact that LVs doesn't go on sale, increase in value, classic, well made, I mean why get anything else.
  11. It kind of bugs me when people say Chanel and other lines are on such a different level. I know plenty of people who have had quality issues with Chanel and other designers. If we are talking about a croc Birkin with diamonds then ok I agree but some of the other bags are not all that they are cracked up to be in my opinion. Ok, sorry for the rant - I say go with LV for sure ;)
  12. Irene!!!
  13. I'd get the LV as gucci lose their value due to the fact that they have sale's and LV don't therefore LV keep they brand value with no dramatic dips or peaks!