Damier Lockit Horizontal?

  1. I have loved the lockit horizontal ever since I saw it in the LV store window. :love: It was going to be my first big purchase from LV (at this point, everything I've bought has been $700 or under) to use as a breifcase/work type bag once I graduate with my masters next August. But, the more I think about it, the more I am reminding myself that I am not really a mono canvas girl. I only have vernis, epi, and MC things ... no mono stuff. And, I don't really love the mono ... it doesn't really do it for me. I'm a teacher and don't really want the mono print to scream HEY I MAKE TONS OF MONEY HERE! :roflmfao: because it's so not true, I just save my money and all.

    So, I was thinking, why not spend the extra $$ and special order a damier one? Has anyone asked about this? I know some bags can't be SO'ed. But think! No mono print ... and all that chocolate leather instead of vachetta ... :nuts:

    The cheapo in me is saying to order the mono from elux and suck it up, but on the other hand it is something I can use forever and the damier may hold up better with no vachetta ...

    Here's something I threw together quickly in photoshop to see what it would look like. What do you think?
  2. That's HOT!! Totally see if you can SO! I want to see pictures as I think I might very well want that bag! WHOO HOO Good eye!
  3. Oh a damier lockit would be GORGEOUS!!!!!

    Does anyone know what the rough price is to SO something?
  4. Last I heard, it's 30% on top of the original price to go from mono to damier (or vice versa), more for epi, I think ... and you have to pay 50% down when you order and the rest when you pick up.

    I figure the LH will be just under $1000 after the price increase, so what's a few hundred more? :rolleyes:
  5. i would say suck it up loll....you could say that you bought it from eBay or something...or that you won the money from a scratch card
  6. Oh thats not that much then! I would totally SO it!!! I am so excited for you!! :smile:
  7. I think it would look great!
  8. Oooh interesting !

    I wonder if they'd be taking SOs for it, since it's a newer shape tho.
  9. Oh it would be stunning!
  10. That's what I was wondering. :confused1: Will 866 be able to tell me, or do I need to ask a SA? I won't be able to get into a store this week, but would really like to know!
  11. Well, if they can't - you'd prolly be able to be forwarded to a store where someone would know. :yes:
  12. I' sure its only going to be a matter of time before the lockit is in the mc and damier

    why not go for the sayela its sorta that style and no special order :smile: i say go for the mm.

  13. Does anyone have a good approximation of when LV might make the Lockit in Damier?

    I am new to the brand so I am not sure how long this would take:smile:
  14. Wow that would be interesting to see...damier...hmmm, I think it would look smashing!
  15. It seems the counterfeiters beat Louis Vuitton and have already introduced their version of the Damier Lockit!!
    I found this awful thing on ioffer.
    1.jpg 2.jpg
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