Current Goyard PRICES Worldwide - INFO ONLY

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  1. I just asked my cousin to get a light grey Artois go me at Le Temps in Paris and The price was 1420 euro
  2. Unfortunately the Grand Bleu MM is discontinued. There are still some GM sizes in various colours floating around in a few european boutiques such as the London, Paris, Biarritz, Milan.

    I believe the retail for the Grand Bleu MM was 1350/1755 euros in Paris and 1335/1735 pounds in London. GM size retails for 2025 pounds in special colours (Not too sure about classic ones.)

    Hopefully that helps a bit, It's a pity that the grand bleu MM is discontinued as I'm after one too.
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  3. Goyard Varenne Wallet / Special Colors: 1,440,000 KRW (approximately $1295.38 USD)
  4. St Louis GM in classic colors is $9950 HKD at Pacific Place, HK
  5. $1190 as of January
  6. Chicago store quoted me these prices and sizes today (2/4/2018):
    Artois MM classic color: $2625
    Artois MM special color: $2035
    Artois PM classic color: $1725
    Artois PM special color: $2245
    Personalization in regular colors for two stripes and four letters was going to be $330 and metallic colors would be $660.

    The Artois MM is 20W x 11.5H x 6.5D
    The Artois PM is 16W x 9.5H x 5D
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  7. I wanted to get a green luggage tag i.e. Residence Badge they call it. Goyard Paris quoted me 370 euro.

    2 years ago, when it was released with Anjou, I was quoted 275 euro. :amazed:
  8. I just realized that the Artois MM colors should be switched!
    Artois MM classic color: $2035
    Artois MM special color: $2625
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  9. 7/3/18 Goyard Belvedère grey PM online order @Paris233 will cost 1825 euros.
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    Just bought an Artois MM in gray (special color) in Paris - €1725 with €207 VAT back
  11. Milan (April 2018) prices in Euros.

    Mini Anjou in red 1795
    Plumet in red 945
    Senat mini in black 315
    Voltaire in black 1135
    Pencil case in black 520
    Portefeuille Moliere in blue 730
  12. Goyard Artois MM in Paris as of 7/21/18 €1325. After vat refund of 12%, €1166 or $1368 Classic color.
  13. Just came back from Paris and price checked a few items:

    Voltaire III in Black or Black and Tan - 1100 euros
    St. Louis PM in Special Colors - 1085 euros
    Senat PM in Special Colors - 545 euros

    Also, called the Goyard on Rodeo Drive and the Voltaire III sells for $1685 in the US.
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  14. Anyone know the US price for the cap vert in black? And the Belvedere 2 pm and mm in black?
  15. Does anyone know the current price for a St. Louis gm (special color) and a st. Marie clutch (black) are in Paris plus VAT refund?