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  1. March 2019- Singapore: Saint Louis PM in classic color: 1,640 SGD
  2. London 3/19:
    Plumet 860 £ (in special color)
    Chambellan accessory 195 £
  3. London April 2019

    Jouvence Special Colour £815
    Senat MM Special Colour £725
  4. Paris - April 13th, 2019

    Belvedere II - €1620 Black/Black
  5. Paris 4/2019- The Plumet in a color was 915 euro and the PM Anjou in Noir was 1,690 euro.
  6. 4/27/19 over at Beverly Hills.
    Senat PM in Classic ($615.00)
    Senat PM in Special ($800.00)
    Foulard N3 Vert/Rose ($615.00)
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