Current Goyard PRICES Worldwide - INFO ONLY

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  1. just back from London Store, the green colour literally run out in most models
    all the mini messengers bags are ALL gone in ALL colours !!! (cap vert, beleverde 2 and plummet)

    I got my st Louis GM colour $1130 pound inc VAT

    Someone told me the Paris main store also is the same as lots of the bags run out, is Goyard really being very popular these days?
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  2. Milan Aug 2018

    Bellechasse in yellow ~EUR 1770
    Same bag in HK is ~ HKD 18,000
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  3. From Chicago in June

    Bellechasse PM (special colors) $2,635
    Bellechasse PM (All black leather) $3,800
    Saigon PM (special color) $6,260
    Saigon GM (special color) $7,325
    St. Martin (special color, has been discontinued) $2,430

    From Paris in July (include VAT)
    Bellechasse PM (special colors) 1,715 Euros
    Saigon PM (special color) 4,080 Euros
    Saigon GM (special color) 4,780 Euros
    New Belvedere PM (special color) 1,800 Euros (same price as old Belvedere)
    Chypre PM (Special Goyardine) 3,055 Euros (I believe my SA said they were discontinuing this as well)
    Chypre PM (Leather) 4,100 Euros

    I will be in NYC next weekend and then Mexico City first weekend in November. Will post prices as I get them.
  4. St Louis PM (black/with black handles) is now $1280 USD in San Francisco
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  5. Anjou tote PM in grey $3035 US
    Senat pouch MM in black $965 US
  6. St. Louis GM Black 970€
    St. Louis XXL Black 1160€
    (Paris Store)
  7. Boeing 45 (standard colors) - $3,760
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  8. On January 15, 2019, the GM Black was 970€, the GM Colors were 1260€. The PM Color was 1085€. I don't have the price for the PM Blacks but prices had not changed since last year. I hope this is helpful. Have a lovely trip!
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  9. Artois PM classic color: $1,655 US / €1,125 / £1,050
    Artois PM special colors: $2,150 US / €1,465

    Artois MM classic color: $1,945 US / €1,325
    Artois MM special colors: $2,530 US / €1,725

    St. Louis PM classic color: $1,225 US / €835 / £780
    St. Louis PM special colors: $1,595 US / €1,085 / £1,015

    St. Louis GM classic color: $1,425 US / €970
    St. Louis GM special colors: $1,855 US / €1,260 / £1,130

    St. Louis XXL classic color: €1,160
  10. USA
    St. Louis PM tote special color
  11. Feb 2019 Paris price for cap vert is €1300
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  12. special colors or black?
  13. special color
  14. Just bought the Artois MM in black/black at the London store, current price is £1235.
  15. March 2019- Singapore: Saint Louis PM in classic color: 1,640 SGD