Current Goyard PRICES Worldwide - INFO ONLY

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  1. Hi, I just purchased the St Louis GM black/black from Goyard New York on 10/4 and the price had not changed. It was $1,375.
  2. Just bought St. Louis PM in London, classic color (black with tan straps) - was 755 in pounds.
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  3. Price for the classic color St. Louis GM in Paris this week - 940 euro.
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  4. #109 Oct 23, 2016
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    St. Louis GM special colours incl. VAT was EUR 1,220 as of yesterday
  5. £875 for St. Louis GM in London. Regular colors
  6. I just exchanged emails with Chicago
    Saint Louis:
    PM small in black or black/tan $1,200, other colors $1,560
    GM large in black or black/tan $1,375, other colors $1,795
    Sesame Keychain:
    Black and black/tan color $245, other colors $315
  7. In August the St Louis PM was SGD 2090 and the GM was SGD 2400 for special colors.
  8. November 2016:
    Paris Saint Honoré: Croisiere 50: 3250€ (Bandouliere 350€)
    USA: $4995 (bag only)
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  9. December 2016:
    Paris :: Saint Louis PM (special colour) - 1055€
  10. Cap Vert in Paris:
    €990 for black
  11. In November at Neiman Marcus it was $2700 for special colors.
  12. These prices are based on phone calls with the Chicago store between December 2016-February 2017.

    Sac Hardy PM (Black) $2160 US
    Bellechasse PM (Black) $1750 US
    Bellechasse PM Special Edition (longer straps) (Black) $1920 US
    St. Louis PM (Grey) $1560 US
    Saigon PM $4770 US
    Jeanne MM (Black) $2120 US [Strap is $440]
    Sainte Marie Clutch (Black) $1030 US
    Sainte Marie Clutch (Grey) $1380 US
    Artois MM (Black) $1635 US
    Voltaire (Black) $2300 US
    Large Pouch (12X8) Black $880 US
    Small Pouch (6X4) Black $590 US
    Croisiere 35 (Grey) $2470 US
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  13. Yes. I got mine in grey in last December at 2080 euro.
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  14. 1735 eur for classics colours and 2260 eur for special colours
  15. Just bought from Paris store. black/brown color it costs 1575 euro.

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