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  1. bought my Saint louis PM in black 2 weeks ago, at the Biarritz shop. the price in france is now 800 euros.
  2. The "sesame" key rings are 150/195 euros for regular/special colors in Paris.

    The "grenelle" passport covers are out of stock until September :sad:
  3. Just got an email from 233 Goyard...

    A fully detaxed price for international orders:
    PM Saint Louis 665 euros / 865 euros
    GM Saint Louis 765 euros / 1,000 euros.
    Shipping fees were quoted to be 670 euros for one tote.:confused1:.. btw, i'm in Canada
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  4. In Hong Kong for Marquises:
    The price is HK$17,400 & HK$22,600 for basic and special colors respectively.
  5. In Shanghai for Marquises :
    Marquises in regular colour is RMB16,850,in special colour is RMB21,900
  6. In Taiwan for Marquises :
    Classic colors is NTD67,200(black& black with tan)
    Special colors is NTD87,350
  7. As of August 01st, 2016 - in California
    St. Louis Tote GM - Black (non colour) = $1375 USD
    Personalization Package (non metallic colours) = $330 USD
    Shipping inter-US = $50 USD
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  8. Singapore:
    Sulpice card holder classic - 440 / special - 570
    Saint louis PM classic / 1610 / 2040
    Saint Louis GM classic - 1840 / special 2400
  9. At their flagship Rue Saint-Honoré store, special color St Louis is 1040Euro/1200Euro for PM/GM specifically. 12% VAT tax back at airport.
  10. Tokyo, Japan- Goyard store in Isetan (Shinjuku)
    St. Louis PM Classic Colors only: ¥122000 before taxes
    St. Louis GM Classic Colors only: ¥139000 before taxes

    All non Japanese residence can shop tax free with foreign passport. (Tax savings of 8%)

    Location Information:
    14-1 Shinjuku 3 Chome Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo 160-0022 Japan
    Telephone +81 3 5357 7785
  11. I just got my first Goyard St Louis ever at the London Mayfair store in the PM size in black! :P:heart: Was casually mentioning to the Goyard lady who was serving me how there hasn't been a price increase lately just to be told that prices will increase TOMORROW on Oct 1st :shocked: I paid £710 for the black one (classic colour) so anyone who lives in London and is contemplating getting a Goyard bag should run to the store like now haha! :biggrin:
  12. Prices increased slightly.
    Saint Sulpice prices are now €230 (classic) & €300 (specials).
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  13. In Osaka, Japan at the Takashimaya Department Store in Namba:

    St. Louis PM special colors- 159000 yen
  14. Went to the flagship store in Paris today. Was quoted the following (for special colors):

    PM Saint Louis 1065 euros...same size with a zipper (sorry don't know the name) is 1,400 euros.
    The smallest pochette is 400 euros.

    Ended up with the card holder...300 euros.
  15. Just received notification that Goyard boutiques have adjusted US pricing to reflect the weaker Euro. Chanel and Hermès took similar actions earlier this year. Please contact your US boutique for more pricing information.
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