Cupcakes = My New Obsession

  1. Everything looks great and it makes me want cupcakes now!
  2. This is my new favorite thread! The cupcakes look so yummy and cute!
    Can I give you a teensy bit of advice though? Do you think you could get white/more subtle cupcake wrappers? The pastel-looking cupcakes are so pretty, but the bright red/green/blue wrappers kind of ruin the pretty effect :sad:. Otherwise I'm in LOVE with these cupcakes! Post more soon!
  3. Thanks so much to everyone for their kind comments. :flowers:

    oscarcat729 - I totally agree with you about the coloured cupcake papers. I was only using them as I had a heap in stock and needed to use them up first, which I've done now. All cupcakes in future will be in plain white cases, to better show off the cupcakes themselves. Thanks for your advice. I really appreciate the feedback. ;)
  4. They look so yummy!! I wish you the best of luck & keep em' coming! :woohoo:
  5. Damn Teen, those look amazing!! I'm telling you. You gotta do some for my wedding!!
  6. imashopaholic, your cupcakes look delicious and amazing!!:love:
  7. Oh Teen, what can I say but your cupcakes are getting better and better. I love the look of the embossed fondant. Did you get one of those embossing pins/rolling pins I mentioned ages ago?
  8. Your cupcakes are my new obsession, too :love: I would love to see photos of the flowers and butterflies cupcakes :smile:
  9. i'm not even a huge cupcake fan, but if i saw these selling near me, i'd definitely be buying a box!
  10. Thanks for all of the kind words and compliments on my cupcakes. :winkiss: I really appreciate getting feedback and suggestions, so please keep them coming.

    Sad news for Ken (aka my Kenwood Chef Mixer). He's been misbehaving lately, squeaking and wobbling when mixing on medium speed. So rather than invest more money in having him serviced, cleaned and refurbished I'm selling him off to a good home and putting the money towards a replacement. But not just any old mixer. This time I'm going all out!! Meet my ruby red KAM (aka my KitchenAid Artisan Mixer) in the gorgeous gloss cinnamon.


    This time next week I'll be up to my ears in powdered sugar and I can't wait!! :party:
  11. Hey, I showed my boss this and she gave you a tip!! For the embossed fondant, try painting the tops!! I bet that would be beautiful!!
  12. Painting the tops? :shrugs:
  13. Like this,

    Or like on top of the cupcake itself!! And of course yours will look better than my 10 second paint job. LMAO!! But you get the idea!!
  14. Haha judging by the look of yours I think I'll pass. JK it would look nice but girl that would take foreverrr! :nuts:
  15. It's like less than 20 seconds a cupcake!!