Cupcakes = My New Obsession

  1. Wow, those look yummy! Such cute names too...I'm always a sucker for a cute name. :p
  2. Yummy...
  3. Love your work Teen, can't wait to try some of these!!! :drool:

    Hey your Facebook group and blog are awesome too! :nuts:
  4. My 4 year anniversary this year.. :love:

    Good luck Teen, I know you will succeed with your delish cuppies!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    Love always, Your friend.
  5. YUM! Being on a diet sucks!
  6. So I spent most of my Saturday in the kitchen attempting to master the art of rolling fondant roses.

    First attempt...


    And the finished product (a fondant covered vanilla bean cupcake topped with green piped buttercream, a handmade pink fondant rose and a silver cachous)...

  7. Wow, this thread is making me hungry :drool: That is so cool! Your cupcakes are too pretty to eat! (although I'm sure we wouldn't mind sampling them :p)
  8. Your cupcakes look sooo good!!!
  9. Do you make your own fondant? I also have a little home bakery and I find homemade fondant way cheaper and tastes better!
  10. Wow, great work and it looks so yummy!
  11. Yum!!!
  12. i LOVE cupcakes. There's this place called "Molly's Cupcakes" by my boyfriend's new condo and you can 'build your own'!! And they're open late. I found it last night and it was packed! You can even put ice cream on your cupcakes *drool*
  13. Oooh, these are adorable, the names are so fun too! I looove cakes and pastries! This weekend I am going to a little shop in the neighborhood as it is their 2nd Annual Cupcake Extravaganza! :nuts: I just bake for myself and DH and it is one of my dreams to be a pastry chef LOL!

    I wish you luck in your new venture! Keep us updated!
  14. Have you tried the Ron Bennington? It's named after a radio host on XM, who's a genius! I listen to the show (Ron and Fez XM 202, Sirius 197) and a lot of people always call up to tell him that the cupcake was delicious! Too bad Chicago is so far away :sad:
  15. your cupcakes look delicious! I love the cute names for all the flavors--best of luck in your business!