Cupcakes = My New Obsession

  1. I've always loved to cook and create delicious looking and, more importantly, tasty treats in the kitchen but only recently decided to go pro. I've just started up a little home-based biz called Cupquakes, offering cupcakes that will 'rock your world'.

    I'll be posting my cuppy creations as they come out of the kitchen but for now I wanted to share my range of 'classic' cupcakes. I made these in the mini size for an order I had recently.


    The flavours are:
    Shake, Rattle & Crumble (my signature cupcake)
    Vanilla Bean There, Done That
    Don't Get Mud, Get Even
    Fashion Is My Passionfruit
    I'm Coconuts About You
    I've Been Berry Good
    Hold On, It's A Rocky Road
    Let's Go Bananas!


    I'm expecting a huge box of cupcakery goodies (including a Kenwood Chef mixer) to arrive in the next few days, and am planning a 'couture' cupcake collection so be sure to check back to take a look and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy!! :smile:
  2. Those look amazing and delicious!!!!
  3. They look sooo good! I want to try the rocky road one!
  4. Yummy!
  5. Those look great...I had to stop myself from licking my monitor.
  6. delish!!!!!!! awesome creations!! Rocky road cupcake??? :drool:
  7. They look scrumptious :drool: and I love the names you chose for them! I wish you good fortune with your business :tup: I'm sure you will do very well!
  8. Now, I consider myself a cupcake connesiour (:p) and those look incredibly yummy!!! The names are adorable too! Wonderful, my address
  9. "Cupquakes"..... VERY witty and cute. I love it! And the flavors' names remind me of OPI nail polishes... so creative and fun. Best of luck!
  10. Wow, they look delish! :tup: Hope you have great business!
  11. Thanks for the sweet comments ladies. I've had really good feedback from my taste-testers (neighbours/family) and without even formally advertising yet I've got 2 weddings and 2 birthdays booked, and an order for 6 dozen mini cupcakes for July 1st. Woot!

    Mr Wood... Ken Wood (aka my new mixer) should arrive today and I've an order for embossers, sugar paste, cutters, moulds, veiners, petal & lustre dust, brushes, piping bags, tips, the list goes on, coming before the weekend so I'm planning on really throwing myself into it when everything's arrived. My poor DH... our unit and all available storage space has been taken over by cupcakery goodies, and it's all I can think/talk about. But he's a winner in all this. Free cuppies for life and (given this is my new obsession) I'm no longer focused on the latest, greatest designer goodies. What I've spent getting my business off the ground I'd have spent on just one LV wallet so he's certainly not complaining and our bank balance is looking much healthier as a result.

    This weekend I'll be attempting white and dark chocolate mud cupcakes topped with rolled embossed fondant and hand-made sugar flowers. Will post pics as soon as I'm done.

    Thanks again for all the kind words of support. :winkiss:
  12. So yummy looking! Best of luck on your venture!!!!!
  13. I'm not a sweets person, but your cupcakes look DELICIOUS!!:drool::drool: Much success in your venture!
  14. can i come live with you? :nuts::faint:
  15. Uh oh these are sinfully delicious!