Coveting a MARCIE....OCHRE OR NUT?





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  1. HI LADIES ...:smile: i am planning to buy a MEDIUM (or large?) marcie but i am torn between 2 colours :NUT OR OCHRE.....they are both stunning and i am not able to decide:loveeyes::wacko:

    i don't have any brown bag in my collection actually except for a celine phantom in tan (similar to chloe tan but less red...)

    please help me :ty:
    TIA ;)
  2. I voted for Ochre! It's a more interesting color IMO and I prefer it on the Marcie. I had a Nut Marcie which I let go of...I just found the color a bit too 'boring/neutral' for my taste.
  3. THANKS SCOOBIE for voting...the problem is that the colour is already sold out in MILAN /ITALY and SA told me it won't produced anymore :sad:
  4. i love ochre. nut is a cooler tone - it is a nice color, but did not go with my complexion or wardrobe. maybe it would look nice on you though. hope you find the marcie you love!
  5. thanks:kiss: , my wardrobe is full of neutrals:grey, black ,blue, nude pink,camel and some orange/red dresses:thinking:
  6. I agree the Ochre is much nicer than the Nut! I also find myself debating between purchasing the Marcie Small with Strap in either Ash or Royal. I feel the Ash is a nice neutral shade whereas the Royal is such a vibrant color that really makes the gold hardware pop; however, is the Royal a difficult color to match to my wardrobe? Any advice from owners of these 2 colors?

  7. Chloeglamour, I can totally understand your predicament - I can't decide between the two!! Good luck with your decision and if you do decide to go for Ochre, I hoep you manage to find one :smile:
  8. I personally love the nut colour. I have this in the marcie large and I think the colour is just beautiful, it goes with everything! I havent seen the ochre in real life so i cant comment, but what Ive seen online personally I still think nut is a nicer shade.
  9. Hey Chloeglamour! I actually prefer nut over ochre. And I like the medium size marcie best :biggrin:.
  10. Hi! I like the Nut too.
    I've had my small Nut Marcie for over a year and I feel that it is a great bag to pick up and 'run' matches everything - black, blue, brown, denim.
    It's a timeless color and I think it looks good in all seasons - summer or winter.
  11. Hi Pree :smile:
  12. :smile: Hi Yoyotomatoe!
    I'm a Chloe & BV fan, too! It's nice bumping into others with similar tastes!
  13. HI !! THANKS EVERYONE FOR VOTING , you are all so kind....i think i will end up with NUT because it is probably more versatile and easy to wear it ... can't wait to get it !!!
  14. I agree :smile:
    Yay! Can't wait for the reveal!
  15. ladies i am having another "problem" medium or large? what's the difference between medium without strap and large?

    i love big bags but i am petite (160 cm ,47kg)....:confused1: