Constance mini or 24???

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  1. Which Constance size is more rare and harder to find? I have just been offered to purchase one of these two sizes in pink and can't decide which one to get. Love the small mini but feel couldn't put too much inside. Likes how roomy the 24 is but it doesn't look as cute as the mini! I love both of them! Which size would you choose?
  2. To me
    All c are rare
    All c must grab
    All c must have
    They have their unique usage and appearance
    If it gonna be your first c take 24
    Medium cant go wrong
  3. Totally agree with bagidiotic here, and if they are different colors and if my SA allows me to purchase both, I'll just buy both [emoji16][emoji16]
  4. I would prefer mini for bright color and netrual or darker color for C24
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  5. Yes, agree with HPassion.

    I have an anemone in 24, and a black in 18... I wish the colour / size combo were reversed. Hahahaha but I reach for my 18 more.
  6. In pink I would get the mini.
  7. I don't have the 24, have a soufre epsom elan phw and a craie epsom c18 ghw. I find the elan very roomy and the c18 surprisingly holds more things than you would expect it to!
  8. Both sizes are difficult to come by, but if offered a pink, I would snap up the Constance 18. However, I love crossbody bags and prefer the C18 over the 24. I find it holds what I need: Calvi, Evelyne coin, iPhone, keys, and envelope for receipts. If you need to carry more than that, it's probably best to go with the C24. Good luck!
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  9. May I have the one your not taking?! hehe..

    Both sounds lovely, personally moreroomy is a bonus.
  10. I have a c18 in Bleu Izmir and LOVE it! It fits the essentials including sunnies if you use a small soft case. I still want a C24 and probably would have taken that size if I had a choice between the two. Good luck! Can't wait to see what your decision is.....
  11. Depends on if you carry cross-body - if so, get the 18. I can carry more in my C18 than the smaller Berline which is very surprising. Good luck!
  12. I have the C24 in Rouge Casaque and I love the size! The color is a nice pop and you can actually dress it up or down. Very very versatile
  13. Get the size that suits your needs and frame better. Pink is probably better in a mini but fits very little. HTH!
  14. C24. Most versatile.
    Which pinks are being offered????
  15. It depends on you want to wear crossbody or shoulder and depends on your body frame. I'm petite so 18cm fits me better and have enough space for me to carry things I need. But if you could, take both, lol :smile:)) Who doesn't need different sizes in Constance right?
    Pop color for 18cm and neutral/dark for 24 ✌️
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