Coachies: Post Your Non Coach Purchases Here!

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  1. I cant get it till much later in the year, so please keep me posted on how well it wears. In the meantime I will live vicariously through your posts with it!
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  2. I love small bags. Excited to add these to my collection.
  3. I keep forgetting to take photos when there's sunlight. lol. Here's another attempt. I swear it really is navy :P:lol:

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  4. Right! Coach is my first love too, but I like Michael Kors collection bags and this is on my list. I love this color it is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Congrats and enjoy!
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  5. Just switched into my first purchase of the year, my Mae Messenger in sapphire.

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  6. Loooove that color!!
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  7. Thank you!:smile: I’ve never had this shade of blue before:smile:
  8. Love this color too!!
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  9. Thank you!:smile: It’s my first time with this shade:smile:
  10. Not a bag, but I forgot to mention I got this coat as a gift for Christmas.

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  11. My new Kate Spade bag. 20200120_110118.jpg
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  12. I don't buy a lot from other brands but I couldn't resist this strap by Marc Jacobs on sale for $60
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    I found this at the Thrift Store yesterday for $15 and I thought that it was just adorable, and I even like the fragrance so I had to get it!

    It's a (nearly full) bottle of Marc Jacobs "Decadence" Eau Du Parfum Spray for Women and the bottle looks just like a miniature designer handbag!

    It made me think of @Hyacinth when I saw it because she mentioned recently that she likes the chunky gold link straps that used to come on Coach coin purses, and this bottle has the cutest chunky gold link strap and a flamboyant tassel.

    I don't know the original retail price but there are several on ebay right now for $50, $60, and $75 - so I think that $15 was a steal!

    Has anyone seen a MJ handbag perfume bottle before? It was new to me!

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  14. Love that perfume! And the bag bottle is adorable!
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  15. I know, and I really lucked out! This exact same Decadence fragrance in the same handbag bottle is currently selling on the Marc Jacobs website for $99 in the 1.7oz size - and my bottle is the 3.4oz size! Another MJ fragrance called Divine Decadence is listed at $122 for the 3.4oz bottle!

    Some woman must have gotten it as a gift and didn't care for it and didn't use it. She finally donated it to the local thrift shop and I showed up at just the right moment to buy it for only $15! :happydance: