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  1. Ha! My white bird was called Snowy, so perhaps even less imaginative than yours!
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  2. Cute birdies and bag. I hand fed a baby Congo African Grey from 6 weeks until I lost him at 17 years. I was heartbroken and can't have another bird. He had a vocabulary of over 100 words and used them in context perfectly. I miss him so much.
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    Oh man, I'm sorry. :sad: My first bird "on my own", after finishing grad school and moving into my first apartment, was a Maximillian pionus. Pionus are not quite as long lived as greys, but they should go to forty years. She was hubby's first bird ... we even had a miniature figure of her perched on the shoulder of the groom atop of our wedding cake. I got her at 6 months, and she died at a mere 15 years. She had all kinds of crazy, bizarre medical issues. Vet checks every six months. And she died in my hands literally the day after Christmas. It was a horror, and still haunts me sometimes. We already had other birds by then though, so there was no stopping. Our vet sent samples from her to the Dr. that he considered the best bird pathologist in the country. It was auto-immune disease .... essentially avian lupus ... all along. :sad: But yeah, I get it. I remember multiple times of having to pull off the road to cry after that. (I also remember running a red light minutes after one of our ringnecks was diagnosed with cancer. I wound up screeching to a halt in a laundromat parking lot. It can really short circuit you.)

    (Quite frankly, I still think she's around though. I think many are. I often get images/small grey shadows in our house, and I think it's the passed birds. I had a couple flashes a few days before the lovebird died, and even asked hubby if he'd "seen" anything. And just two days later ..... :sad: )


    (sorry for the sidetrack)
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  4. I scored an awesome deal on this Kate Spade Nicola bag this week. I have no idea what I’m going to wear her with yet, I just knew I had to have her!:biggrin: This is my first Kate Spade bag and I’m super excited!!! C9A7C76D-9EF8-47D3-B0B3-3849C47868C2.jpeg A30D7AE4-EBDE-478C-BE66-0333D8B64F8C.jpeg 25AEC008-FCF0-4A80-8F55-2AA579DEB2AD.jpeg
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  5. Hey! How are the boots? Are they getting more comfortable? I want to buy a pair and I'm wondering if I should buy a size (or half size) larger?
  6. Hi! I ended up returning. They just had little give at all. I put thick socks on & wore them around the house for a few hours & my front ankle area was sore. Amongst the countless positive reviews, you do see ones that specifically call out this issue with the shorter height. I think they come in a style that's more like a moto boot height, which may be more comfortable. Good luck!
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  7. Since Coach cancelled my Drifter from the FOS, I got a bag I have been eyeing for quite sometime. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but here is my Moschino Jeremy Scott Transformers small backpack.
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  8. This beauty arrived in the mail today!!! Officially re-added to my collection!
    Also including my complete collection
  9. Well I originally bought this over labor as a gift but the person didn't like it so now it's mine :lol:

    Fossil Ryder satchel. I don't own much navy so I think it's more of a summer purse for me:
  10. I thought it was black. Lol.
  11. Dooney and Bourke Mini Florentine Satchel in Fern. She didn't look very green indoors, but in the sun...
  12. Picked this one up last week--love it! :heart:

    1955 Horsebit Shoulder Bag:

  13. Michael Kors Collection Bancroft! Had to add a Coach scarf to rep my true love lol

  14. Ahhhh! You got this one! This one actually made me stop in my tracks. It may be the one current bag I am limiting myself to this year, I just love the look of it and how classic it is.
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  15. Me too! I love it! It looks great with jeans or more dressed up. The quality is amazing too. It is perfect. :heart:

    I highly recommend it!
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