Coach x Rodarte - April 2017

  1. It's lovely, and yes, it is much prettier in person that the picture shows. The leather is fabulous and the detail work is high quality.
  2. Thanks so much for posting these pictures!
    They are both gorgeous :smile:
    I have both of these on my wish list and am trying to justify buying both.
    I love the small pink clutch for evening and the larger black clutch for every day (the colors are amazing on this one)
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  3. I received the pink wristlet in small. It is prettier than I expected and prettier than these pictures
    20170502_104848.jpeg 20170502_104914.jpeg 20170502_104924.jpeg

  4. You took great pics here!

    Such a beauty, enjoy her!

    PS -- Definitely prettier IRL...congrats!
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  5. Thank you!
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  6. Isn't this brand called Ro - dart?? I called a store and the SA corrected me and said Ro -dar-tay. I used to watch all the fashion show commentary programs (whatever happened to those?) and I remember their controversial Mac Cosmetics collaboration and I was sure it was Ro -dart. Does anyone know? Just curious. Oh and I may have a little something on the way.
  7. IMG_4613.jpg
    I checked for you (excerpt from Vogue Digital, so a few others are listed), because I was curious also. Looks like the SA wins.
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  8. For those who bought a t-shirt or sweatshirt are they true to size?
  9. Ha! Thanks for posting this- I need to see the entire list as I cannot pronounce any of these in the correct manner. I recently learned from a YouTube video that "Vernis" is pronounced ver-nee.
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  10. Sweatshirt is true to size!
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  11. Thanks!
  12. Box came! Off to open it.
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  13. Where can I put pics? Is there a clubhouse? Should I post here or mini reveal thread?
  14. Ok, had to triple check the pronunciation because their "e" doesn't have the accent, like é. But the sisters said in this interview they are using the original pronunciation of mother's surname for their label. Her name was Americanized to sound like Ro-dart.

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  15. Looks like that Vogue link I posted was out of date.

    These two sisters are incredibly talented as designers, but I couldn't get beyond the first four minutes of this drawn out, boring interview -- I felt like I was witnessing awkward participants in some type of group therapy session -- thankfully, their creativity is expressed in ways other than public speaking, lol.
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