Coach x Rodarte - April 2017

  1. This is an interesting reveal. Per WWD:

    "Coach and Rodarte are set to collaborate on an apparel and accessories collection, WWD has learned.

    The 15-piece collection will feature one handbag design, with the remaining stockkeeping units devoted to apparel. The collection will be shown to select wholesale accounts this month, with product slated to roll into stores in April."
    Rodarte is a "fashion-darling" Los Angeles brand "that doesn't actually exist," per a famous WaPo article. They made extravagant runway pieces, but the majority of it is not produced. Their most popular items are clothes with a tongue-in-cheek "Radarte" print on them.

  2. I was just informed of this today, not quite sure how I feel though. This is quite possibly the oddest/ last collaboration I would ever expect. Coach is one of the most well known and unfortunately saturated brands on the market while Rodarte is the exact opposite.
  3. Rodarte's collaborated with Starbucks and Target before, so it doesn't seem too out of scope for me. I'm looking more forward to this than LV x Supreme. I'm really only interested in the bags, though, so am slightly disappointed there will only be one. I'm hoping the one is really good though.
  4. Hah, I have that Rodarte x Starbucks travel mug and still use it daily. I'm not familiar with the Target line as we didn't have any Target stores in Canada at the time. Looking forward to seeing the Coach items!
  5. I should have stockpiled them when I saw them on sale. I absolutely love the design, but sadly, after a long day at work, set it on top of my car, put my bag and myself in, and drove off. *sigh*

    Rapidly getting more and more excited.
  6. Any more intel on this line? Really wanting to see the bag.
  7. If you search "Rodarte" on you'll arrive at the following landing page:
    coach rodarte.JPG

    Coach x Rodarte launches April 12th. I'm definitely getting one of the sweaters! Here are some more pics:
    coach rodarte 1.jpg
    coach rodarte 2.jpg
    coach rodarte 3.jpg
    coach rodarte 4.jpg
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  8. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I like the bag, but not sure if it's me. Like the sweaters a lot though.
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  10. Holy $#!+ that embellished leather dress is amazing
  11. That is a kick a** dress.
  12. Here's a picture of the dress from the Rodarte instagram account.

  13. Loving that dress, although I will never be able to afford it. I like the black bag with the similar embellishments too. The first bag in the Refinery 29 preview is also very nice, wonder if it also be in black or another color, this is one for me to consider.
  14. Just saw they expanded it to 40 items from the initially reported. Seriously getting excited now to see more.