Coach Soho Slim Crossbody

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  1. Yes! I was on a mission at Dillard's. I had a dollar bill in my hand walking up to all the wallets. The SA got the Brahmin out for me and I tried it with $1, then I got out the other $9 (haha I don't carry cash either, but had dollar bills for some reason) and put them in there. Fits! Have a slight angle to get them in, but I don't see a struggle....of course I didn't have any cards in there, but YAY!
  2. Dark denim arrived! I loveeee her! :biggrin:Here it is with beechwood in different types of lighting. The strap on the dark denim is darker/more muted than I was expecting. Also, the dust bags are different sizes lol.
    E49F0DB2-5713-4F9C-A5BF-F9E090497768.jpeg 75B03CCC-EF7E-41D4-96F0-E9F1EE4FF461.jpeg 03ECA233-D7BA-4353-867C-380617359E88.jpeg 40FB2F5D-4007-478F-8CE2-A9532264A30B.jpeg EC23DF3E-F54B-476B-9EDE-E042A39ABC52.jpeg 2C24685A-5AA1-4799-8A6A-EA3C4D63572B.jpeg 26CE99C2-EBF3-471A-A33D-CF7D0CBDA2B1.jpeg D190D101-DF0D-47C3-AD66-8181CAED0CE9.jpeg FEF346A6-1EB2-4130-88BC-C99CF238CE03.jpeg 7B0A31A3-7467-4F02-9D9D-559DFDCE32E8.jpeg
  3. I picked this up today, in the Coach Australia sale. I love the stars but feel a little strange/child-like wearing them, at near middle age... But hey, who's counting?!

  4. Really cute. Wear it proudly.
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  5. Love it! I don’t think it’s child like at all, I get punk-rock vibes
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  6. Did you ever get the Flax Soho? I talked to my SA tonight and she said there's some at JAX.
  7. Hi! No I haven't looked into flax yet. I'm trying to see how useful beechwood is. I've only used it once so far because I have to change wallets, but I do like it :smile:
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  8. I Have that same soho. I bought a dinky chain strap that gpes with it and both of my clutches, but that strap is so beautiful!
  9. Just wondered if you'd tried it w/ cards and if it still worked?
  10. Hi, yes it worked with cards. I was able to easily fit it, my sunglasses, gum and chapstick inside and phone in the outer slip pocket. It's a great little case, just don't overstuff because the id window seems fragile if there's too much cash inside. I usually don't carry a lot of cash (Vegas was the exception) so it's not a problem.

    I ultimately didn't bring to Vegas to use with this bag because I always feel rushed there and wanted to get the bills put away as quickly as possible. My go to there was dinky because I could keep my beer in one hand and put the bills in the kisslock with the other lol.
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  11. Just wanted to say I really love this crossbody and am sad it has been discontinued. The outlets in my state have white and black sohos for 50% off while FOS online has marine, washed red, and bordeaux for 50% off. I have to keep telling myself I don't need anymore!
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  12. So pretty! Where is Beechwood from?
  13. The store! I saw it in two stores during the sale. Bloomingdale's still has it for full price.
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  14. There's a reddish one at the Livermore Outlets for any Bay Area, CA folks on this thread. About 50$ before tax is calculated. There was a small nick in the leather and a few a scratches. I wasn't in love with the color like I am with Beechwood or flax so I put it back as tempting as it was.
  15. Where did you get these? They’re gorgeous...I tot the soho slim has been discontinued....