Coach Soho Slim Crossbody

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  1. OMG, "I like my cash flat"...that's so me! LOL! I have several Sohos. I can't find a flat wallet that works. I have a few of these great Aimee Kestenberg ones...I'm gonna see if I can make that work. If so, will let you know. I only use my Sohos when I don't need much...
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  2. I like it!
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  3. Pretty! Is the color Fig?
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  4. Thanks! It's the color Cocoa.
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  5. I've been searching so definitely let me know. I even resorted to shopping the discount stores (TJ Maxx, etc) trying to find something that would work. The ones that let my cash be flat end up still being too bulky. Maybe I just need to accept it for what it is, a great but small bag. Not going to be able to fit sunnies and a wallet that allows my bills to remain flat. Haha.

    In other news, I did just buy another dinky. Soft wallet in front gusset pocket, sunnies and chapstick/gum in main compartment, and tipping $ in the kisslock. Phone always in the back slip pocket. Looks like I'm bringing 3 dinkies to Vegas and 1 soho for evening ;)
  6. I tried it this am & no go. Although I have not tried (because I don't own one), my SA uses a zip card case. She puts any cash in zip part. That said, she laughs that I still regularly carry cash on a regular basis.
    Congrats on your Dinky! I have three 24s & one regular.
    Have fun in Vegas!
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  7. Thanks! I have a dinky problem - 4 24's and now 4 regular. I love 24, but Vegas in Summer = extremely light bags and clothing. I swap out the chain/leather strap for a novelty strap with the 24's so that adds weight. Plus, not to sound awful, but I am careful with my 24's, but don't really care if the regular ones get a little beat up.

    I do have a zip card case and might have to go with that and only use Soho in the evening. I'm hitting the outlets today, so I'll be looking for an alternative.
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  8. Hi, I picked this up recently after falling in love with the beechwood and tea rose combination in store, but am afraid that it'll get dirty easily. How is yours holding up?
  9. Hi! It's holding up just fine, but I've only used it once so far. The big test will be our trip to Vegas. I don't think it'll be a problem as I use my chalk dinky a lot and it's still clean.

    The beechwood with tea roses is just so pretty and a great neutral and with the tea roses can be casual or dressed up a bit.

    Now if my search for a flat, ultra thin wallet that lets my bills stay unfolded but still can fit in this Soho could finally be successful...
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  10. Thank you! That's reassuring. I'm loving the way the bag looks and have the denim one on the way but it's such a small bag (even for a small bag lover). Still deciding if I should keep beechwood or not. I'll post pics of the two tonight! I wish it were a little wider depth-wise. I'm trying to resist the vermilion and flax ones. They're just so pretty! Don't need three or four of the same bag though :nuts:

    The orange flat card holder you picked up didn't fit with bills and everything into the Soho properly? Have fun in Vegas! :biggrin:
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  11. The card case fits perfectly in the slip pocket, with sunglass case, smaller card case, gum and lipstick in main area and phone in back.
    In Vegas I carry a lot of smaller bills for tipping and of course large bills for the slots haha. I find if i fold even 10 $1 bills it's way too bulky in there. Looking for basically an offering envelope, but in leather, not paper. I'll probably end up using a binder clip lmao.
    I agree I'd like an extra inch or so depth wise (maybe length wise too, then a soft wallet fits :smile:)
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  12. That makes sense! I usually just stick a couple cards into a card holder if it's for a casual outing, but sometimes I want to bring cash too and have a hard time finding a slim case that can hold them both. Let me know if you ever end up finding something that fits the cash!

    I was bad and just ordered the black one with tea roses and a clutch in dark denim :biggrin: Must resist the other colors!!
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  13. The black one is so pretty!
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  14. Ok, thanks to @Satcheldoll I went to Dillard's and this Brahmin wallet is perfect for this bag.
    IMG_20180712_192259.jpg IMG_20180712_192311.jpg IMG_20180712_192402.jpg
  15. Yay! You were able to fit your cash in there flat?
    Haha! I just tried it in mine. I had only $1.
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