Coach Soho Slim Crossbody

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  1. Had to go back for one more 30% off goodie (hard to resist) the vermillion (burnt orange) with the chain link strap...interior of the outside pocket is oxblood leather, and the inside of the bag is a thick canvas. I love this purse! Very retro and yet classic. strap w links.jpg decorations.jpg soho with chain.jpg back with wristlet strap.jpg oxblood interior.jpg
  2. I love that strap!
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  3. Thank you! Me, too! It's hard to tell from the pic, but some of the links are actually a subtle metallic leather. I love it! :flowers:
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  4. I really love the look of these, but how much can it hold?
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  5. My SA told me that 1941 Red is being discontinued, so I've put one of these aside. I've been considering a red bag, and at this price I think this is just the little pop of colour I'm wanting (and at a much lower price point than the Celine Micro Belt bag I've been drooling over but can't possibly justify buying).

    My SA said that I'll be able to get a small trifold wallet into this no problem. Can you comment on what you can fit in without making the bag bulge? I'm wondering whether I should be getting a zipped card case instead.

    I love the strap on yours - lovely! :smile:
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  6. I hear you. It doesn't hold much, truthfully. A small Coach wristlet, a slim phone (iphone or Android, probably up to an iphone SE or 6), lipgloss, and keys. Definitely meant for a day/night out where you don't want to carry much (or, as I do - when you lug a huge tote into the trunk of your car that holds everything else you DO need for the day!). :biggrin:
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  7. I just posted what I can fit in it...and thank you for the compliment! Today I took this out for the first time. :amuse:
    I didn't know that 1941 Red was being discontinued- ?? That's a shame!! I loved it. But just to clarify, this is the "vermillion" color, which sometimes looks red in pictures (as I first thought) but is actually a deep, "burnt" orange color. I am not sure if the Slim Soho comes in a true red....
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  8. It does come in 1941 Red. I had it in my hand last week. :smile:

    I love orange and this one is a really nice shade.
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  9. And p.s. I do not think a small trifold wallet would make this bag bulge. :smile:
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  10. Oooh - nice!!! I didn't see that shade at my store. Let me know what you decide!
  11. Good to know, thank you. My Chalk Cherries wallet will be perfect, then. I'm picking the red Soho up on Wednesday.
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  12. You have the cherries wallet???!!! :nuts::shocked::smile::flowers:
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  13. It's been sitting unused since September, waiting for just the right bag to nestle into to. :love:
    Cherry Trifold 1.JPG
  14. Oh my gosh - that is SUPER CUTE. I was just looking up the trifold wallet in the cherry print online and again, I do not think that you will have any problems fitting that smoothly into the slim SoHo. (The red from the cherry print will look SO perfect with the red SoHo!). I expect a full reveal!!! :heart::flowers: (And by the way, I LOVE where they placed your initials! That is so cool!)
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  15. So nice and love the strap with it!
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