COACH Lip Goss

  1. I thought I would offer my review of Coach's new lip gloss here, as I'm a bit of a lip gloss queen, I honestly can't count how many I own! I've tried many different brands, from Lancome's different lines to Philosophy to drugstore brands to BBW/Body Shop, and of course my Holy Grail of lip glosses - Chanel. I'm planning on picking up some YSL when I'm in Arizona and my Hermes RAOK buddy is probably going to send me some DiorKiss (don't ask me how I know :biggrin:). So when I saw Coach coming out with a lip gloss, I ordered some as soon as I could!

    I ordered Heather because it looked like the safest color to get until I saw the consistency, longevity, and pigmentation of the glosses. I am also attracted to Hibiscus and will probably order that one soon!

    The consistency of the gloss is a creme-based color with no shimmer. It's glossy but creamy at the same time, in fact I would almost compare it to Chanel Creme Gloss Lumiere - it has definite coverage without being as thick as lipstick and feels very moisturizing. You know how some 'moisturizing' glosses wear off really fast and end up leaving your lips feeling weird? This gloss doesn't do that at all!

    So far it has been on my lips since 7 am (almost 2 hours) and has lasted through drinking coffee and still hasn't worn all the way off. So that is a bonus to me. I think this will be a great gloss for me to take down to Arizona and wear throughout my Army school as the color is also not very loud at all! But it does seem very pale as I have been wearing Eclipse (a sparkly deep berry color) for the last month, so my face is kind of shocked at the difference.

    Speaking of color, Heather is VERY neutral! It is a light melon/coral shade that could flatter many different skintones. For me, these colors normally don't do well, but I don't look washed out with this one as I normally do. My face likes to have a lot of (sheer) pigmentation on the lips to balance out my eyes and hair better, but this gloss would bode well for people that like that mod look of bare lips, as well as people that like a slight wash of color (It will definitely show up differently on people and I think it could work for darker skin tones as well).

    My only complaint is that it uses the small brush applicator and I prefer the spongy ones - it isn't a deal breaker for me, however, as the brush is not difficult to use and doesn't get the gloss all over the place. I also wish the glosses had iridescence as that is what my personal preference is. But for those that don't care or prefer the creamier glosses, this would be great!

    I'm probably going to order the hot pink shade, as I don't think the color will go on as bold as it looks on the computer screen. Heather definitely did not.

    Overall, I have a very favorable review of this gloss! For 22 dollars, it's better than my experience with Lancome's Color Fever for sure (same price point). It's not the #1 best gloss on the market, but it is fun, does what it is supposed to, and is a good alternative for people looking for something new to try. It definitely rates up there with me, but won't replace Chanel in the slightest. Oh and the packaging is pretty cute too :tup:
  2. Thanks for the review Candace :flowers:

    Is Heather the coral one and Hibiscus is the hot pink one? Coral is actually what I wanted, but I think I had the names confused before. Isn't there a brownish one too?

    The formula sounds fantastic for me-- I don't really like having glitter on my lips and I prefer a brush over a sponge applicator. BUT there's also 3 Glossimers I really want. So now I don't know which one to get :hrmm:...
  3. :oh: get all of I said..lip gloss queen! What else would I recomment...LOL. What glossimer colors are you looking at???

    Heather is the coral one, it looks brownish online...I'm not very interested in the gold one at all. Hibiscus is the hot hot pink one.
  4. Thanks for your review! It almost tempts me to try it.
  5. Candace, thanks for the review. I'll have to check them out next time I'm in Coach.
    Would you believe I was there last weekend and totally forgot to look at them! :sad: Not that I need another gloss!:p
  6. You are the most elequant writer ever!! I just love reading your posts!!

    Back to Topic...I am wanting to try this as well. My store didn't have any in stock and I'm only into very neutral colors, so your review helped. The color on the internet just doesn't show what the true color will be so I was hesitant to order it until I saw it. I'm calling my Coach store to get me some!! Thanks Candace!!
  7. thanks for the review!!! i just want it because it's coach, lol!
  8. Thanks for the review! I can't wait to try it when we get it here in HK. Where did you order it from?
  9. :blush: Thank you kp!!! That was very sweet!!!!

    Make sure you ask your store if they can upgrade you to 2 day ship for free :biggrin: My store offered it before I could even think of it, so I hope yours does too!!!!
  10. I called my store and had them order it for's available on the American website as well. I haven't heard anything about when you will be able to get it in HK? I don't have much experience with that :shocked:
  11. Do they sell this in the actual Coach stores or is it only online?
  12. HW, right now it's only at Flagship stores, the other stores are supposed to get it end of Feb/early March last I was informed.
  13. Thanks for the great review candace! I'm definitely gonna get it now! You should post modeling pics too!
  14. Eh, I'm not interested.
  15. Candace dear, you are THE lipgloss queen. :tup: So I guess I'm going to hold off on the next Glossimer and get a Coach gloss!! I'm excited. :p Loved the review!