Coach goes to the movies....

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  1. Oh honey, I would bet it *went missing* when production shut down.
    Okay this is my embarrassing fantasy. I am buying coffee minding my own business when someone stops and asks me about my moderately distressed BT City Bag. And they offer me an insane amount of money because they are working on a movie set and it would be perfect.
    But of course, it will never happen , you know, cause now they just go on eBay. Damn.
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  2. Cmon dude, do not dangle Coach in front of us without details, this is crazy serious stuff, lol,lol.
    But fortunatly yes, the monkey makes it easy. You're off the hook. This time.;)
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  3. Rachel's may be the Jackson bucket from the Camden collection. Yes I was looking at old catalog pics at lunch! I'll post a pic when I can.
    I need to do more recon on Monica's bag.
  4. Haha.too funny! I have had that thought too! Like one of these days a collector is going to see one of my coach bags im carrying and be like, oh ive been searchingfor that one!,i must have it!! And then pay me $$$$
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  5. Debra Barone (Patricia Heaton) on Everybody Loves Raymond definitely carries a Coach bag in seasons 7 and 8. It looks like the Coach Leather Hampton Buckle Bag. She carries it in both black and dark brown. Took me forever to find a still shot of the bag from the show!
    maxresdefault.jpg soPIhjtTvu59mj5xOF7THfZhAuP.jpg images.jpeg 8a5450177c3539b2cd8160f352c4aeaf.jpg Screenshot_2018-04-25-19-12-00.png
  6. As someone mentioned, Jessica Fletcher habitually carried what looked like a Coach bag (now vintage style). I don't know what style bag that is, but I'm enjoying looking for movies and tv shows that Coach has appeared in!!
  7. Excellent! You’re getting the hang of this! lol lol
    But I really wasn’t meaning to give you a hard time (for real) for just posting the Friend’s screen shots!!
    The screen shots alone are perfectly fine :smile:
  8. A couple of bags in your collage aren't Coach. If the strap is long, it is probably a convertible clutch. It almost looks like it has a top handle but maybe she has the strap wrapped around her hand.
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  9. Circling back around to this thread...I am constantly looking for Coach bags in movies and TV shows, but haven't spotted any lately. But, here's a pic of the Camden Collection (1993) showing the Jackson Bucket, and it does look like the bag Rachel was carrying:
    9915 Branson 9914 Ashland 9913 Gilford 9912 Jackson - Camden Classics 1993.jpg
  10. On the latest episode of Manifest. Oxblood Bandit.... :love:
  11. IMG_3413.jpg
    Jamie Lee Curtis with coach bag in Christmas with the Kranks!
  12. I had posted this a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng time ago, on a different yet similar thread, back when tpf members still had their own designated "photo albums". I'd had the pics stored in there, as opposed to posted as attachments, and as a result, when the albums were removed, that long ago post became defunct.

    Therefore, I'll put it here. :smile:

    For fellow Brit-philes .... or more accurately, Creek-philes ...

    On Jonathan Creek, Maddy (God I love those two together) carried a large Coach duffle for all three seasons, iirc. I know she was carting it along during "Miracle in Crooked Lane" too, near the end of that third year.

    Some pics from season 1: CREEK_S1_D1-11.jpg CREEK_S1_D1-5.jpg CREEK_S1_D1-8.jpg CREEK_S1_D1-0.jpg .
  13. I think I spotted a City Bag on Kristen Wiig's shoulder in this scene from in Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016). (And that briefcase she's carrying might be a Coach, I'm not sure.)

    Coach 1.jpg Coach 2.jpg Coach 3.jpg
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  14. Love that show
  15. Good catch on the City bag. I wonder if is a little *wink* to the black City bag Sigorney Weaver carries at the beginning of Ghosterbusters 2? I’ll be on my computer later. I’ll see if I can find a pic to make a call on that brief bag.