Coach goes to the movies....

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  1. I would not be surprised in the least to hear this orange Stewardess was custom for the movie. I have done alot of online browsing over the last, say 18 mos. and orange bags rarely come up. My burnt orange bag is small so I have it stored and tend to forget about it. Coincidentally I did buy a bright orange small hobo from the Lightweights collection in 1998. I believe the catalogs call it tangerine.
    Lol yes I would buy an orange Stewardess. I like the way orange looks will blue, especially dark blue denim.
  2. Denim link Soho in the most recent episode of The Blacklist. Sorry for the fuzzy photo, I'm terrible at pause slow motion.
  3. Insomnia has it's perks - while watching WKRP in Cincinnati instead of sleeping, I noticed that Bailey was carrying a brown basic bag! :biggrin: It would have been a NYC made coach bag as the show was filmed late 70s. And...since it is a vintage 70's show, the resolution is not the best, so here are my blurry screen shots: IMG_3990.JPG
    IMG_3993.JPG IMG_3997.JPG IMG_4004.JPG IMG_4006.JPG
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  4. I haven't seen that show in forever! My favorite episode is when Johnny fever goes to broadcast directly from their tower and ends up beating on a phone and then thinks the 'phone police' are after him. :lol:
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  5. I love that epsd! That and the thanksgiving one - " god is my witness I thought turkey's could fly"
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  6. Oh, yea! I remember that one too. Interesting tidbit, wild turkeys can fly, domesticated ones can't.
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  7. Night before last it was the one with “happy feet”. Hilarious.
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  8. When I watch Friends, I always swear Monica and Rachel are carrying Coach bags at one point or another. (Here are some photos of the bags I think may be Coach). My Mom had bags similar to these back in the 90s, especially the black one Monica has and my Mom's was definitely a Coach.
    fd9affd14c7a68a910e682d7a974d738--monica-geller-style-monica-geller-outfits.jpg d9f795a779ddcfea1659fc347957c65e.jpg 4422959db3a9534ed0.jpg
  9. I can’t believe I’m asking this lol. Do you know what episode(s) these are from? I am not sure about Monica’s, but I would like to see Rachel’s more clearly. It may be a bag that was offered for a brief time with a closure called a “touch lock”. Which I never knew existed until recently.
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  10. It's S1E21 - I searched goodbye Marcel :smile: (because monkey)
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  11. I think this is a courier flap bag?? Anyways.. i was watching the movie,"JOY" with jennifer Lawrence and saw this..and yes, its a pic of my tv..haha 20180418_181935.jpg

  12. I am bad at this, and I love the show!! Haha. Yes Gingerone has Rachel's episode listed. Monica's episode is.... S3 E3 The One With The Jam.
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  13. Woohoo! I was looking for this topic. IMG_1413.jpg

    Fools Rush In (1997) Vintage Coach.

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  14. Yep! Good catch. And I want that bag. I hope somebody bought that from wardrobe.
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  15. I know, me too!! I had that same thought, like i wonder if kept it? I would have, like this is coming home with me, whatever,im famous..haha
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