Coach goes to the movies....

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  1. Not sure anyone has broached this - but since I have been acquiring and carrying vintage Coach bags, I keep spotting them in films that I have seen loads of times... but somehow missed. And a few new films. Have you?

    I'll start:
    Ghostbusters 2, opening scene - Sigourney Weaver is carrying a city bag
    Baby Boom - Diane Keaton has I believe a fold over top coach bag near the beginning of film - the name escapes me
    Take Care - Leslie Bibb's character has a mahogany city bag in the ending scene. (small film, slow to start but worth it. On Netflix)
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  2. I'll bite. I have been thinking about this since you posted lol.
    I do remember that in "The Fugitive" Julianne Moore had a small role as an Emergency Room doctor. As she is leaving after her shift, Tommy Lee Jones stops to question her regarding seeing Harrison Fords' character. She is carrying a brown or black brief bag on her shoulder. I remember seeing this on cable and at the time thought that her bag, if not a Coach, was a similar style. I only remember lol because at that time I was looking to buy one and had spent a few afternoons in a local department store looking at them. I even tried to find a clip on youTube but it doesn't show the bag. Side note, I ended up by a chocolate brown Laura USA brief bag for $150 instead and wore it out. Way before my current vintage rehab days.
    Another side note: I still remember from all the coverage that the Clinton/Lewinsky episode got is that his secretary was walking in and out of buildings with a black Willis. Just don't ask me who any of his cabinet members were.
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  3. I know I have seen a few, on movies and even a couple on tv.....but for the life of me I haven't been able to remember what shows or movies. :hrmm:
  4. I've seen Jessica Fletcher carrying a Coach, maybe a City Bag, in a few episodes of Murder, She Wrote
  5. Yep, that could have been one. I watched some of those reruns not long ago.
  6. Found it: Nottingham! I am pretty sure Diane Keaton's character carries a brown Nottingham coach bag.
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  7. @Gingerone side note, luuvv your Fisher Price avi lol. My younger siblings had the whole deal, parking garage, barn/farm yard, etc.
  8. @Lake Effect - Between me, my sister and my brother we had soooo many of the little fellow sets. Garage, barn, school, airport - and the one my mom could never give away after we were grown - Sesame Street :biggrin: They were such great toys. My mom hunted garage sales for even older wooden sets for us.
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  9. Im with you on that.
  10. Guess what was on last night? Yep, Julianne Moore was carrying a very nice coach briefcasy bag in british tan, with toggle type strap. Which I now sort of want....
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  11. And there we go! I want to watch GB 2 just to look for the City bag.
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  13. Not movies but TV, Jane on Jane the Virgin-carrying the Dinky 24 in the blue color.
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  14. jessica alba carried an oxblood borough bag in "Some kind of beautiful" cute movie pierce brosnan and salma hayek too
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  15. Jill Clayburgh carries a British Tan Stewardess Bag throughout the first part of An Unmarried Woman"
    an_unmarried_woman001.jpg anunmarriedwoman002.jpg anunmarriedwoman003.jpg