Coach Bedford Hobo

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  1. Would you say that the cypress is more a blue green or on the warmer side?
  2. I'd say blue green. I saw it in a dinky and liked the color. I'll see how I like it on a larger bag.
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  3. After reading this thread a few times, I went ahead and took the plunge! I do not regret it one bit. Love the bag!
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  4. Glad to hear. Congrats! The black looks gorgeous and rich. I have heather grey color. Enjoy.
  5. Great bag love the charm! I kind of want to grab one while they are one sale.
  6. You definitely should. It is absolutely beautiful, and so spacious. I can fit as much as I can fit in my market tote. Yet, the leather is so soft.
  7. I wanted that one also, but by the time I made up my mind it was sold out! :sad:

  8. Is this bag discontinued? I managed to nab one in oxblood during the sale, but would have loved to get another one in a lighter color.
  9. Yes it's discontinued. The sale is still going on in a lot of stores through the end of this month so you might be able to grap another one by contacting a store.
  10. How ridiculous of Coach to discontinue this bag. The model was out for less than half a year, and it’s now available in different color combinations at Nordstrom and Neiman’s.
  11. Those colors have been available for a while. You'll also notice a lot of department stores still have the Bandit and Cooper Carryall still available and not at a very good reduce price. Those have been discontinued too. There is a new hobo to the 1941 line available now called the Harmony hobo. It's like an upgraded Edie. tapatalk_1547157276452.jpeg tapatalk_1547156567375.jpeg
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  12. The Harmony is extremly overpriced at $695 - $995. I personally think the Bedford is a prettier bag as well. No comparison.
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  13. These look so nice but sooo $$$ haha. I also prefer 1 big compartment, but the larger one would be ok since it's a snap vs zip middle.
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  14. These are an automatic no for me because I don't care for all the compartments. Too much like the Edie which I don't like at all.
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  15. I'm not an edie fan either I don't mind the way Charlie is set up though. If I have to have compartments they need to be big and open.
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