Coach Bedford Hobo

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  1. I posted a better pic n mini reveals
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  2. Hi..I just called my Coach store and now I was told the additional 20% ended on 12/24...(I had been told 12/31!)..Btw, I have that nasty cold too for over 2 weeks now..feel better
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  3. that the gray or Cypress?..the interior of my Cypress is the same color.
    I thought the gray had oxblood interior.
    Just curious
  4. I am in the U.S...but just called my Coach store and now I am told it ended on 12/24...different SA, different date given..go figure..not the first time I have been given wrong info.
  5. Cypress
  6. OK....I give! I just received my grey bedford and wanted to hang it on the doorknob but for the life of me.....I cannot get the strap out from the buckle! The metal end is too big to come out of the buckle. Anyone else have this issue? It is like they put the metal end on after and it is too wide to get past the buckle! How weird! My bag also has a line going down it and was hoping hanging would draw it out but it may be going back or see if one of my local stores can exchange....
  7. LOL, you are where I was a week ago. It does NOT fully come out. For the life of me I have no idea why. So, you have to maneuver the strap loose & then position the hole where you want it to be hooked & tighten. Very odd design but it does work. Hope that makes sense!
  8. Thanks! I called a store near me because I thought mine was defective and wondered if they had one! They told me it doesn't come out. Why would I think it would not come out??? I had it training on a door handle but will look at the leather again tomorrow in daylight to see if I still see the line.
  9. Where are people setting the strap? I made it longer but then put it back to where it was when it came which I think is the third hole from the non-buckle side of the strap. Do you carry the buckle part in front or back? I like it in the front, I think. I need to decide so I can train it correctly to slouch. Now I wish I could see the cypress one.....I may have to take a drive while our weather is still good.
  10. I use the longest hole, buckle front. Cypress is gorgeous too!
    When these first came out I went to the store to play with them and canyon was my first choice until my SA told me cypress was coming out. I bought cypress and now grey because I'm lacking a grey shoulder bag. I'm still thinking about canyon, but don't think I should get 3 of these, but I'm very tempted!
  11. During this sale I bought three: black, cypress and grey. I’m trying to decide with two to keep but I think I’ll end up keeping all three. I think it’s betyer to buy now at this price point and if you decided you don’t like, you can return it
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  12. They just added the promo $25 off $250 with ENJOY25 online. You probably are already aware, but just thought I'd share in case you were seeking extra discount offers and didn't feel like going to your local store.:smile:

    Just bought a Bedford and 2 wallets.
  13. Canyon was showing sold out last night when I looked. I figured that color wouldn't be as popular and I could wait. I almost ordered a 2nd Bedford during the 20% off but been so preoccupied with settling in after moving that I don't think about my bags any more. I guess I needed that distraction! Now I'm obsessed with finding creative storage. Lots of great ideas out there!
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  14. I saw canyon in store yesterday, but of course you can't get cash back that way. Saw chili duffle too, but resisted.
    I'm also trying to find ways to distract myself from looking at purses. Hoping to avoid buying anything until the next SAS (excluding the Dillard's New Year's Day sale.)
  15. I caved and ordered the cypress tonight with the $25 off code and cashback. i was hoping the canyon would be online like it was earlier today but it was gone. I saw cypress tonight IRL and it is a beautiful color! I may order canyon if I see it another time.....
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