Coach Bedford Hobo

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  1. The 20% off still in US stores? Mine is out for delivery !
  2. My SA told me the additional 20% off was going through New Year's when she first told me about it. I was going to ask her to double check since someone had posted it was only through the 12/24 but I forgot.
  3. Phone went crazy
  4. () nm
  5. Yeah, I told her what the email said. She was supposed to double check because whatever info the stores receive she thought it said through New Year's. That's the info she sent before Coach sent the email to the masses. And yes Coach is all over the place. But I'm done for a while. (Fingers crossed ). I think the trail bag is going back. For some reason it looks like a bag for a little girl.
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  6. I'm trying to be done too so I hope the 20% ended lol.

    In other news.... maybe I'll put my purse $$ towards a new phone that doesn't auto correct me with nonsense :shocked:
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  7. Hi.As far as I know YES (just got mine 3 days ago.) I would give COACH a call and ask if they would do a price adjustment per their policy. I believe the time frame is 7 days. It couldn't hurt to try..Good luck..let me know how you made out.
  8. Anyone stop by or call to double check the potential 20%? Not that I want to stop by my store that much anyway. Still trying to get over a nasty cold/sore throat. I don't need to be spreading my sick germs lol.
  9. I haven't inquired but my email said it ended Monday (12/24). When I was there on 12/23 my SA indicated same (thru 12/24). I bought 3 items yesterday & it was only 50% off.
  10. Thanks for the info! Bag I wanted was still only 40% off when the extra 20% was going on. Hoping I could get lucky and get 50/20!!
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  11. Are you in the US or are you reaping the Boxing Day rewards?
  12. I am so glad that I persisted at my local store and picked up this bag in gray. As you've seen from my photos, it's currently on my doorknob being trained, lol. The one that I had ordered prior to the additional discount came today, well over a week later (from a store in NJ & I'm in PA). It was not wrapped, just put in its dust bag and thrown in a box. It was not in the best condition either. It will be going back along with another item that I scored at the local store yesterday with an additional discount.
  13. Hanging. Lol
  14. Congrats cfc09! Is the color pretty true irl?
  15. Yes. Its a great neutral color
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