Coach Bedford Hobo

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  1. Love love love the new Bedford Hobo!

    What are your thoughts? 31674_b4bk_a0.jpg 31674_b4nl4_a0.jpg 31674_bphgr_a0.jpg 31674_bpl6n_a0.jpg
  2. *I posted this in another thread where this bag was mentioned :smile:*
    Looking forward to seeing this Bedford :smile:. I have always liked the leather on the 1941 bags but until now, nothing has had potential to work for me. This bag reminds me of the NoMad and the LV Delightful - two styles I really like. I don't mind that it is "plain" bc I have my Dark Fairy Tale Spooky Eyes Market Tote for excitement .. LOL! It looks to be slightly bigger than a Market Tote which is perfect for all the crap I carry. If it does work, then my only problem is getting past the $750 price tag .. :biggrin:.
  3. Is $750 the Canadian price?
  4. Yup :smile:
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  5. Ditto! Sad...
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  6. Looks nice in the pic but would have to see in person
  7. 76703636-5169-4AD5-9CD9-745D0B38C0E6.jpeg 5EB82E54-7835-497A-9667-FE8CA9BA1C35.jpeg
  8. I'm loving the Bedford, too. I stopped at a store this evening to return a bag and they were sitting on a round table. I love all the colors. I especially like how they did the hardware on this bag. It is subtle but substantial. They felt soft and great bags to sling over your shoulder. I know I'm getting the grey. I don't have a grey bag in this shade or smooth leather. The ones I have are pebbled.
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  9. I'm glad you're loving the Bedford. The red interior of the Oxblood is gorgeous! I was so disappointed this style didn't work for me.I'm supposed to be on short ban and am currently purging bags so that helped me. I'm trying to be more selective and not make I'm pulse purchases (it's a struggle).

    I can't wait to see photos when you get the bag. Do you think you'll purchase one soon?
  10. I practically never buy full price. I wait for a sale. i'm in the process of purging, too.
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  11. Was it heavy?
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  13. No, it was light.
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