cles - how versatile and is it a LV must?

  1. I don't find my vernis cles very useful... it fits a lot less than my mono one and it's very stiff so it doesn't feel right to use the outside pocket along with cards inside it. I only bought it for the colour that I had to have. That wouldn't stop me from buying another one though! It just seems to be the least expensive SLG if you want to collect vernis colours that you "need".
    I much prefer the zcp... it's just a little more money but it's a lot more useful. The most used cles I have is my ebene simple card holder. It fits nicely into any pocket and is perfect for pulling out at the cash register without having to dig for anything. It holds my ID, main credit cards, and a folded bill.
  2. I use mine everyday! It has a CC, DL, insurance card, library card, cash, band-aids, gift cards, and a couple of rubber bands for my hair. If I have a quick errand I can just grab my key and go. It's a piece I definitely think you will get a lot of use out of.
  3. I use mine for my house keys - now I don't have to dig in my bag to find them any more!
  4. I love my cles!! I have the pomme, black mc with grenade interior, vintage white mc and a mono. I use them as coin purses. I had sold my first mono last year and was totally kicking myself as I boxed it up and mailed it:biggrin: I went online and bought another one and will never let it go!
  5. Vernis cles is a must have. Its super cute and its carries things so it is deffinatly useful.
  6. I love mines!! Car, house & mail keys with DL, CC & employee card. I hook it on the inside of my bag or the side ring of my Delightful for easy access. :smile:
  7. What do you type in to do a search on the LV website for the cles? Everytime I type in cles or Vernis Cles the Cosmetic Pouch comes up?
  8. Seems like a waste to me but then again so did the mini pochette that I now use daily.
  9. Try searching "key pouch". Hope that helps!
  10. I recently bought a vernis Cles in Givre but I landed up selling it within a couple of weeks because I just couldn't find a use for it. They are very pretty though!!!
  11. Wow you guys should be SAs YOU'VE SOLD ME haha!
    RUNNING TO GET ONE TOMORROW I hope they have one in stock! :sweatdrop:
  12. I feel like an idiot for asking this...but is a cles the same as the key pouch...?
  13. Well apparently I NEED one of these too....going to boutique June 7th! Hope they'll have some in stock!
  14. You're not an idiot and yes it is! :biggrin:

  15. When I'm using a pochette as a purse, I use my cles as a wallet.