Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. Gorgeous bag! Hmm..not sure. I’ve only used leather treatment on one of my prada wallets but it is saffiano which is pretty low maintenance. I would ask a YSL sales associate, most are pretty helpful & i know that they offer repair services within the company.
  2. Thank you and thank you for your reply!!I used both this evening and all is well!
  3. Hello ladies! I just got my beloved ysl loulou in medium black with ghw about a month ago. Ive only used the bag 4 times and Im beginning to see the top of the flap where the chain slots are is starting to crease from flipping the flap up when opening the bag. Is it normal to crease this quickly? I uploaded a picture to show where it is.

    This is my first luxury bag and I was wondering if this is normal for the leather to crease so quickly with only using it 4 times. Im lowkey freaking out because Im uncertain how much more it will crease in the future since it is already showing signs in veryyyy minimal usage. Anyone can share their wear and tear experience on this bag?

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  4. Has anyone succeed to get a refund or change his bag for a new bag with YSL because of the leather peeling of within 3-4 months of use?
    I got rejected for repair because according go then it was not repairable and no Change or refund

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  5. I have a white YSL muse that I bought on the pre loved market and I love it to death EXCEPT there are faint blackish stains on the back of the bag. How can I safely get rid of them without ruining my bag? 1550362059260.jpg
  6. Ho do you clean the metal logo?
  7. It is normal for any flap bag. Especially if it doesn't have a external back pocket to slip your things into, which means you are constantly opening the flap to get your phone or travel cards etc. You state you bought it preloved, was it not used prior to you buying it? Regardless i think it is a beautiful bag in black and aged gold :smile:
  8. Thank you for your response! It was a brand new bag. Not preloved. I said my “beloved” ysl loulou in my post. haha. I actually just went back and read my own post again and I thought I said preloved too now haha, but i actually said “beloved” LOL!
  9. Haha bad reading on my end lol. But your bag is still beautiful. I wish they had put back pockets on the YSL LouLou.
  10. I absolutely agree. It wouldve been a lot more functional to have a back pocket for our phones and small items.
  11. Does anyone here recommend a way to clean the YSL Lou Camera Bag?
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  12. I see a lot of discussions back and forth of cleaning the leather, but what about the stitching, that seems to show the most on my Loulou and historically I have had trouble cleaning the threads of a few other quilted purses I own. Has anyone had luck/experience cleaning the threading/stitching?
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  13. Hi @GullibleSelf , do you still have this bag and if yes, does it still crease at the top of the flap?