Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

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  1. I use apple condition.
  2. Has anyone ever tried Cadillac leather conditioner on their souple Sac De Jour? TIA
  3. How often should you condition your bags?
  4. This is a good qs. I hope somebody will comment on this topic I havent tried anything yet, though I heard only good things about Cadillac conditioner. I have the souple in grayish color (fog) and too scared to try anything on it. Im afraid I might mess up the color
  5. How to clean and take care of Shopping tote?
  6. same happened to my woc. did you let it repaired or what did you do with it?
    I think the marks are not noticeable at all so they don't really bother me but me annoys the fact that it happened after a few times of use I mean for that Price I'm expecting a bit more ..never had any Problems with ysl before. is it a woc Problem at all?
  7. Hi Jennifer! Love this (just got the exact same one in November). Have you had any problems with color transfer? My SA recommended not wearing this with dark jeans as her other clients have had color transfer issues.
  8. This red is soooo gorgeous. I bet it's gorgeous with red lipstick! Do you do any special care on your WOC? I have the creamy colored one like Jennifer does and I'm so scared using it.
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  9. Sorry I have since sold the beauty after less than a year of owning it. From memory though, I didn't use any special care products on it. I just kept it inside the designer's dust bag and store inside my closet. With a creamy color like you describe, you may want to avoid wearing high saturated jeans or pants with it. HTH!
  10. I have a YSL Kate Tassel Chain WOC in black calfskin leather. Does anyone know how to clean and maintain the leather? I find it pretty delicate, like Chanel's lambskin. It doesn't come with a cloth to buff it and I don't know if that works. Do you think the store will help clean it? I've had it for only a year and only used it like twice.
  11. Hello , does anyone recommend anything to remove the light color transfer .. it’s driving me crazy.. i want the bag to be clean .. it’s a sdj in beige with pebbled leather
  12. Hi every one,
    This is the first time posting and I would really appreciate if I can get some kind advice
    I bought a YSL chain wallet for my mum as a present last year when I was in Hawaii (exact model is Envelope Chain Wallet, MATELASSÉ leather). She has worn it only a handful of times and I've now noticed that it the corners have become significantly black. Could you ladies tell me if this is due to colour transfer? and what I can do to fix it, or do I need to take it to a bag spa to help save it. I've attached photos for reference.
    20180912_093820.jpg 20180912_093814.jpg
  13. Personally, I would take to Saint Laurent or bag specialist to avoid making if worse. So sorry to see this. Let us know if it gets fixed please!
  14. Thank you for your advice, I had a brain freeze and thought i purchase last year but it was this Feb! I will bring it into Saint Laurent and see what they say about it, I have a feeling they will refer me to see a bag specialist..
  15. Hi! I just got the medium Lou Lou in light natural and while I am super excited, I am also quite nervous about wearing it before I treat the leather. I just ordered the Collonil Carbon Pro Spray and the Cadillac Select Premium Leather Care Kit. I've seen people post about the Apple products, but an Amazon review of a discolored Chanel bag turned me away. Does anyone have any other suggestions or should I proceed with what's on its way? Thank you!!!
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