Cleaning & Protecting your YSL bags

  1. Can you show us photos where it's peeling?
  2. I use this wallet everyday and I'm scared the corners might peel or the glaze would wear off. I usually put it inside my bag along with my other things (most damaging would probably be my keys or usb connectors). The daily work bag is a Longchamp Le Pliage document holder and has only one main compartment without any inside pockets.

    My workaround solution right now is to protect it with the dust bag, so when I have to get my money or cards, I take it out of my bag THEN out of the dustbag. It's not the most convenient, but it's the only thing I can think of right now. Any other ideas to keep it looking new?
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  3. Why not keep your keys, USB connectors, etc in a separate bag and keep the wallet by itself? I usually keep small items in something separate. Beautiful bag! Enjoy it!
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  4. Great idea.
  5. Hello,
    My WOC peeled at every corner of the envelope and all 4 bottom corners. I just got it in June and have worn it out twice. I've been careful with it. After emailing YSL customer service back and forth for two weeks, I was told to mail it in and the repairs would take 4 to 8 weeks which seems pretty absurd for the price paid for the bag and it only been 3 months owning it.
    96.jpg 97.jpg 98.jpg 99.jpg
  6. Oh no :sad:
  7. Hi ladies,

    Help. Have u seen a scruff mark like this ? It's looks like the top coat of your nail polished is peeling off and the white base is showing? Shouldn't it be grey leather underneath? What is that ?
  8. IMG_7447.JPG
  9. Hi everyone, I recently bought my YSL tote. Two days ago I accidently walked too close to a wall, which caused the bag to scrub against it. I knew there would be some scratches but totally forgot about it as I was in a hurry. Today I noticed these scratches and I just can't unsee it. It bothers me, especially since I bought this bag a week ago. Can someone please help me and tell me what to do? Thanks in advance.
    IMG_5543.JPG IMG_5544.JPG IMG_5545.JPG
  10. O no :sad: I heard leather conditioner helps
    God luck !
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  11. May I ask if and how you treated it?
  12. Hi ladies!

    Does anyone have any experience treating the shopping tote? I've have a brand new black tote that's been sitting in a dust bag for at least a year since I haven't figured out what I should use to treat it.. [​IMG] figured I'd start here. Any guidance would be appreciated!
  13. Hello, so I am new to this forum and am in desperate need of advice. I purchased my first ysl bag for New Years this year. I decided to go with the medium sized loulou. Unfortunately I got in a dispute with my boyfriend who decided to grab my bag and stomp on it about ten times. The bag had no real damage besides it now having wrinkles in a few areas. I'm deeply under about this situation, will any leather protectant restore the look and lessen the appearance of the wrinkles? What brands would you suggest?
  14. I have the Cabas Rive Gauche black croc embossed SL bag. I bought at Nordstrom and they promised free cleanings. Since I was wearing my 2013 Celine mini they said they could also clean that for free. Has anyone used their cleaning service?
  15. I got my bags back today (Celine mini luggage tote and givenchy Antigona) and I am very pleased with the cleaning I received. It only took about 4 weeks to get my bags back. I sacrificed these two as a test since they are more "hardy" bags that have taken a lot of abuse. The Celine is a 2013 but looks brand new again (was just a bit dirty from oil and general use) and the Antigona looks gret too, both are black grainy calf leather. I now am confident I can send my more delicate croc embossed YSL to be cleaned with them.

    As mentioned, the cleaning was free, which makes it even better. And I did not even buy either bag there!

    Pictures attached, sorry if too dark in the room 20180128_195122.jpg 20180128_195130.jpg 20180128_194833.jpg 20180128_194841.jpg .
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