Chanel Shiva flap...thoughts?

  1. Hi. How tall are you? I just got the biggest one, but I haven't picked up yet. Can you post a modeling pic of you and the large bag?
  2. Hi, any updates on this bag...what's the story with the wire running through it..!!!:smile:
  3. Would you say the leather is as durable as caviar? And is this a special order bag?
  4. It's divine.. Picking mine up at the weekend..light as a feather a real everyday bag..!
  5. 5 ft and I returned it...just too big and awkward cause it's long. I am looking at next size down...haven't gotten the chance to go in store yet...supposedly, they have beige, burned orange and Bordeaux as well.
  6. Yes leather is glazed so it's even more worry free and durable in my opinion vs caviar. Not a special order...I believe they're in stores now.
  7. My SA also mentioned the wire in the flap, which apparently is pliable so you can shape the flap to give it more of a crumpled look.
    I have the large, light grey on the way to me, so I shall be able to see whetther this is a good thing or not!:p
  8. Oooohhhhhh.... The white shiva with GHW is TDF!!
  9. Ok- does the ivory bag not have the leather top strap like the other shiva bags?
    ETA: never mind, I see that it does. Love the bag, except for that strap. :-/
  13. I am the same height as well. We will see tomorrow. I'm picking it up.
  14. Love the shiva bag! Here are some pics from my SA
    image-2769838298.jpg image-523828262.jpg image-4067231629.jpg image-3862614598.jpg image-3952742995.jpg
  15. I just posted a pic of an ivory one :0))