Chanel Shiva flap...thoughts?

  1. Hi minnie04

    Would u please share the dimensions of the small it like a mini?
  2. I like it, it has an industrial feel to it, IMO
  3. Yeah your 15-inch flap will definitely be roomy! ;)
  4. Please do a model shot!!
  5. Look classic! Is this a new style?
  6. Hi guys, sorry for late reply. My small one definitely bigger than mini flap. It's even roomier than classic medium/ large flap. one thing that I like this bag is the size and casual look, plus the leather is super durable. You can toss it here and there without worry to scratch it. Mini flap is cute, the size just too small for my needs. I personally love small size bag but not too small , the 2900 USD , and my other bags that I carry daily are jumbo flap and reissue 226. I love those sizes of bags. my modeling picture is at May purchase thread, and I am 5 '3 inches tall. Hope this help.
  7. Got my large shiva flap today...ok I think it's too big for me at 15x10! I might exchange for the next size. It's actually too heavy because it's big..hardware is light, it's the leather of the flap that is heavy! Still love it though but might be a little too big for me! And yes the leather is durable and has a worn look to it so worry free on getting scratched.
  8. Like I expected, it would be big. Have you tried it crossbody or single strap? How is it? If you still have doubts, then go for the next size down. I think the 13-inch flap would be great too. Personally, I like the small best. GL!
  9. It's actually little short to be a comfortable cross body bag, but I do love the chain and the look of the bag! I need to look at the next size down for sure!
  10. @redjazzy

    Which is the color of the shiva on the pic??
    I love it:graucho:
  11. I would think it is beige cos I saw a post in Ye authentic did thread showing the ivory n it looks different
    I love the ivory
    image-3179477691.jpg image-18347151.jpg image-1734102560.jpg
  12. Still waiting to see shiva flap in dark gold python ;)
    Center bag (has not shipped from Chanel yet.
  13. This looks like a worry free practical bag... and is certainly growing on me... I think that the leather strip on the chain is a godsend for long hours carrying the bag! Love it!!!