Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. Are these sandals comfy?
  2. Hi:smile: I haven’t worn these slides yet
  3. I have them in silver and not the comfiest ! They hurt the plant of my foot I think because sole is not flexible it’s a hard bottom
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  4. It fits! It’s a bit tight on the side but I think I can get a cobbler to stretch out! Unfortunately no shoe dust bags but I can live with it.. I think I have a spare somewhere
  5. Congrats! As I said I love mine. Great find!!
  6. Hm, I didn't get shoe dustbags. I just assumed since they were on sale there were going to be some things missing. I've gotten other designer shoes on sale and they never came with dustbags, interesting;y.

    In any case, I suppose it might matter if you plan to sell. I don't store my shoes in dustbags as I use shoe trees and throw old pairs out when they've reached the point of no repair.
  7. I totally get why I might not receive shoes dustbags
    It’s sale season n sometimes these shoes are returns or floor samples so I get why dust bags are missing

    I’m like you.. I don’t keep shoe box. Normally I leave in my shoe racks n rotate them on rotation for wear
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  8. Thanks simone72! This is a big help on my decision.
  9. Thanks. I’m thinking about return mine. Worry that it might hurt my feet.
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  10. I have them and they are just “so-so.”
  11. They are not the most comfy at first
  12. If anyone see or know these shoes are still avialable somewhere in size 5, please PM me (please....:heart::heart:).
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  13. This is what I scored in Paris !


    But, so disappointed, a strass is missing on the star ... My SA sold me a "new one in box" instead of the one I saw on display ... when I came home to open it, I saw the missing one, and now it will be hard time for me to get it exchange because it was on sale ...
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  14. You should go to a local chanel boutique and see if they can replace missing Strasa
  15. I bought something on sale missing 6 strass crystals. Had to send it in, it was gone for 3 months, but came back perfect and super sparkly. Plus, it was free. Talk to the SA who sold it to you.