Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. Umm... is anyone else impatiently waiting? Anyone have any hints to as to when it starts? Or ideas of what will be included?
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  2. Would love to know also! I haven’t heard anything yet...
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  3. Haven’t gotten any info yet but should be soon!
  4. I believe the pre sale *usually* starts next week but I could be wrong. Ahh. I hope some cute black shoes go on sale lol
  5. Don’t have any info but heard this will be the last sale for department stores before Chanel takes back control of those stand alone boutiques.

    Also heard from boutique SA that again there will be no sale on jewelry this season. Did not ask about shoes.
  6. anyone knows if rtw goes on sale this time?
  7. If anyone has an SA at Bloomie's who actually responds, let me know! Not only am I out of town right now, but I broke my foot, so getting to 59th street is a pain (literally!). Thanks!
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  8. Hi dear, texting my SA tomorrow to ask about sale. My SA at Saks said he heard possibly second week of Dec
  9. I also need SA at Bloomingdales contact!!
  10. They all kind of suck when it comes to asking about the sale. but my Saks SA said he heard possibly second week of December
  11. My SAs at SF and HI boutiques both confirmed there will be no winter sale. They believe it will be nex spring/year.

    I know it sucks :sad:
  12. Wow sad day. My SA heard incorrect! That’s ok though, I already got my Christmakuh gifts picked so the sale will be my bday
    thank you for the info, happy shopping x
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  13. I'm also looking for an SA contact for this sale. Anyone kind enough to share me their SAs info? Thanks in advance!
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  14. It’s a hit or a miss w these sales associates ! Last sale I asked at Neimans when Chanel shoes we’re going on sale ( in Boca Raton) I was told they were not by more than one sales associate and guess what ? They went on sale the next day so I would be just popping in and checking often to see the exact day also Martin at Neimans in Boca Raton sends out emails about sales I would get on his email list .
    Marlise I hope I spelled it right and Bruce at Saks Boca are truly professional with years of experience I know she has an email list also
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  15. I’m a Chanel newbie and didn’t know they have sales! What goes on sale? Is it just shoes and clothes or do bags/slg’s go on sale too??