Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. My SA at Bergdorf’s said they would still have a sale this winter.
  2. Did they say when?
  3. Is the going to be for all department stores? When will they all be leased by?
  4. There was an article saying by 2020 I think. They’ll have centralized inventory. I know it involves Neimans Saks and Nordstrom.
  5. anyone knows if Saks doing shoes sale? TIA
  6. Do the tweed classic flaps ever go on sale?
  7. No sale on bags :smile:
  8. Bergdorf will be going on sale Monday . Two sales associates confirmed
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  9. Monday
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  10. Presale or sale?
  11. Thanks for the info!! I hope Hamburg shoes are included.
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  13. Was just texted by my saks sa that Friday is the day. Not sure if he meant presale or actual he didn’t respond yet
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  14. Thank you!! You’re an angel
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