Chanel Sale 2018 (winter)

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  1. They are phasing out sales, ultimately there will be no sale. It is unclear at this point if the Department stores will have a sale but my understanding is the boutiques will not.
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  2. They just want you to buy full price for their commission it’s terrible!!!
  3. We are now coming to December, anyone has any updates about the Chanel year end sales?
  4. It used to be everything, then it stopped around 2012 if memory serves me right!

    Now it’s shoes, accessories (jewelry, scarves, brooches) and ready to wear.
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  5. So sad I just started buying Chanel this year... I would’ve loved sales lol
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  6. Hi! Usually 30-40% off first cut. RTW clothes, shoes, costume jewelry items, brooches, scarfs. Very very rarely do bags or slgs go on sale - usually held for VIPS and never ever classic items.
    Keep an eye on the forums on here during the 2 sale times - my local Saks usually has a few things but thanks to shared intel on here I have been directed to stores with tons of inventory and have been able to get some great peices.
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  7. I have had the same thing happen with both Chanel and Louboutin sales! They say there won't be a sale and claim they have no info - then you pop in the next day and see the sale going on. I hate that you have to ask over and over again. (but sometimes its worth the deal you find in the end lol)
  8. I agree. I feel like you need to be a ninja to get anything you want anymore! Please keep us posted ladies!
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  9. I just called my long time and most reliable SA ... sadly there will be no sale this year. She strongly suggested that I troll the department stores. If I recall correctly ,last year the sale took place in early January (presale late December ) but she always lets me know by now.
    With the huge price increases and the current lawsuit they have against The Real Real (I read that on another thread ) I am starting to feel like they are becoming a bit too greedy.
    I guess like Louis Vuitton they are going to burn their inventory ???
    Gucci used to have sales and stopped in 2016 but the department stores still have gucci on sale.
    It’s sort of silly because imo loyalty will switch from their boutiques to the department stores.
    Oh well :sad: (still hoping for a sale but it’s doubtful)
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  10. The Dept. Stores are going leased, so loyalty will not switch as ultimately there will be no difference.
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  11. I better run to the stores fast as I guess this will be the last season for any chanel bargain . Thanks for letting me know !
  12. Thanks for sharing! I heard about the lawsuit too, yikes. Wait - they’re going to burn The Real Real’s inventory?? I’m still a newbie and am curious what happened!! It’s too bad, I had no idea Chanel even had sales so hearing about this being a thing and not happening sucks. Most people are saying it’s not happening which leads me to believe that’s the case, dang!
  13. Chanel rather burns its own products than putting them up for sale. Regular practice :smile:
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  14. Burning unsold items is so wasteful and environmentally unfriendly...I know Burberry does it as well, I just think it is an extreme way to protect a brand.

    I asked my NM SA and she said there may still be a sale, so here’s holding out hope for the department stores this year!
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  15. Couldn’t agree more but their tactics to preserve “exclusivity“. I was told Sale would still happen by my SM (Europe) but I honestly don‘t expect it after all of the recent strategic decisions and price increases.