Chanel J12...trendy or will it be a classic?

  1. Will the J12 be a classic piece or is it more of a trendy watch that will go out of style? Cant really afford the J12 now :crybaby:but might get the similar style which is the technomarine white ceramic :graucho:. Just want to make sure it'll still be a hot timepiece 10 years from now. Your thoughts please.
  2. I think it's trendy, because it is so big. But I do love it!
  3. Not trendy. I asked how long its been around & it been about 7 yrs. I don't think watches ever go out of style no matter what they look like.
  4. I love it no matter what it is!!!
  5. I think it's trendy. Accutron also has a lovely white ceramic watch.
  6. ITA! Something cheap like swatch watches are trendy.
  7. ITA~~~!!!I absolutely adore mine!!!!!!!!:tup:My best Chanel buy ever!!!
  8. i think it's trendy
  9. Very pretty but absolutely trendy.
  10. I think it's trendy, but definately worth it :biggrin:
  11. The J12 first launch in 2000, personally I think that is a long time to be consider "trendy".
    Perhaps it is getting more attention the last 2 years because big watches are in.
  12. Was wondering if this watch can be worn by elderly women too? Sorry for sounding silly but if I purchase a really expensive watch like the J12, I expect to wear it til I get old and gray. I have a rolex which remains a classic, whether you're young or old.
  13. I saw many older women in their 40s in the full-on bling J12! I thought they rock! I'm also older btw!! I'm saving up money for another black one. It's been 2 months since my last bag purchase :shocked:. I really like my white J12 and I think it's already a classic, but the black one, that's a really a classic!
  14. I love the J12's. I think it's totally fashionable (specially the white), but it's a future classic timepiece. Am I making any sense here..??
  15. LVgal - The first time I really noticed one was on a Chanel sa who was about 60. She looked very elegent with it.