Chanel in italy

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  1. I went to Paris in June and the VAT is from Premier Tax Free not global blue so it was 13%
  2. I'll be going to Rome in 2 weeks and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest an SA I can contact? I'm looking to get either a square or rectangular mini in anything but black or a woc.
  3. Georgia Avela, SA in Rome Chanel. Very sweet.
    You can also email the store ahead of time.
  4. I am going to Hawaii in March and Italy in August.. which location do you think I will get the best price in? I had bought an LV in Hawaii two years ago and it was about 15% cheaper than in the states plus sales tax was ~3% compared to my 6% here in Pennsylvania, so just wondering if I should pick up some items while in Hawaii or wait until I get to Italy. Thanks!
  5. Hi, does the Chanel boutique issue receipts? I bought a bag but I was just given the tax refund forms with the bag price and details printed on it.
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  6. I was told that Chanel in Hawaii has the same pricing as mainland US almost all of the time. Rarely will they have lower pricing now. They used to have lower pricing but not any more. I believe Honolulu tax is 4.712% and Maui does not have a Chanel.
  7. Hi dear, the boutiques give the receipt!
  8. You are right here, I bought items from Chanel at Rome and Florence but they do not give me receipts, only tax refund form
  9. Hi everybody! I would like to add a mini to my collection, it's a very small one at the moment as I only have a woc ! The woc is black caviar GHW and love it.
    I have to question for you.
    1) What do you suggest me to buy?
    I'm in love with black minis in lambskin SHW, so shiny and beautiful but is lambskin so delicate as everybody says? Moreover, minis are seasonal and sometimes they don't have all the colours.
    2) When is the right moment to get the bag in Italy? I mean, when do the store have the best selection of mini bags?
    I live in Florence but no problems in travelling to Venice, Rome or Milan.
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  10. Hello - does Chanel in Rome issues a receipt that has camellia flower cover? I’m about to purchase a Chanel bag & seller showed me & said the tourist/tax refund form is her receipt & that’s all Chanel issued to her. Can you please advise? Hi hank you

  11. If there is an issue with the bags, will Chanel in your local country accept the tax refund form as the receipt & willing to assist?
  12. I did an exchange back in my home country and didn’t have any problem with it
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  13. Ah! Thank you so much for replying.
  14. Depends on the store. In Italy, If I know the SA they will always accept return for me as long as not worn
  15. Does chanel in Italy accept usd cash?