Chanel in italy

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  1. The Chanel in Capri had tons when I was last there. Where will you be
  2. We are going to Florence, Rome, Amalfi, Capri, Pisa, Assisi, etc
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  3. Im in Florence now and whilst the store is quiet, there isn't much stock or variety. The store is very small and has very limited colours.

    I actually bought my classic flap in the Florence store and exchanged the colour in the Milan store. I recommend Milan if you want variety.
  4. Nice! When do you go? We’re going back to positano again in a week bc we loved it so much last year! Sounds like an amazing trip :smile:
  5. Can anybody please message me a contact of an SA in Milan please? Going in 2 weeks and would need to check stock. Thanks so so much!! :smile:
  6. Going to be in Rome and Capri next week. Any chance of me finding a black mini rectangle flap or am I dreaming?
  7. Capri store is very very small
  8. Hi all!
    Whats the Chanel's return/exchange policy here? Is it the same worldwide?
  9. Only store credit no refund