Chanel in italy

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  1. Hi ladies im flying to venice in 2 days and just wondering if how much is the price for a classic flap m/l caviar shw? im still confused which one to buy shw or ghw though both my gst and woc are ghw so that's why im thinking to buy a shw this time
  2. I believe it is currently €4260 before 14% VAT back.
  3. thanks! i just hope they have it, i should get it before the price increase
  4. What bags did you find in Venice?
  5. Hi everyone, finally after a few months of waiting, I am in Rome now. Going to the store later, hopefully I can get myself a mini square. If not then maybe mini retangular. I also would like to purchase a couple SLG too. I am going to lay over in Heathrow when I fly back to the US and will get my Mom an LV bag there or should I get it here in Rome as well? Where would it be cheaper for LV and Chanel? Italy I would assume? Please let me know. Thanks!!!!
  6. Given the current Euro to Dollar conversion, I would say it is DEFINITELY cheaper to buy in an EU country. It would also be a great deal to get it in Heathrow if you can. However, there you run the risk of not having the inventory you want. I say you get it in Italy, if possible and get the VAT back. If you don't find something you want there, check out the Heathrow inventory. Regardless, definitely cheaper to buy over there if possible.
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  7. Way cheaper to buy LV and Chanel in Europe. I'm pretty sure prices are cheaper in Italy than in London boutiques, but I'm not sure if Italy prices are cheaper than Heathrow. Please share if you score any minis!
  8. Which city is this SA in?
  9. I think italy is cheaper than Heathrow based on the exchange and the vat refund is more in italy
  10. Does anyone have SA contacts for Venice or Florence?
  11. Milan
  12. I'm going to Rome and Paris in Jan. I saw that the VAT refund is 12% in Paris because they use Global Blue, however in Rome is it 12% aswell?
  13. Hi everyone, my aunt is in Milan this week. Would like to check if the store still carries this chanel O-case in caviar??
  14. Yes...same as in Paris 12%..i came back from Italy last 20th of june..
  15. According to my receipt from 4/29/17, the VAT refund is 14% through Premier Tax Free. I don't think Chanel in Italy uses Global Blue (at least not in Milan, Rome, Or Florence, where I did my shopping).