Chanel Executive Tote Losing Shape :(

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  1. Perhaps it is supposed to get slouchy? I love it when it looks like that!
  2. It's supposed to get slouchier with time/use. It's perfectly normal, the handles will go next (but not for a long time). You're better off with the caviar GST if you're looking for something more rigid.
  3. Oh my! Thanks for the heads up. I was considering this bag, but now I know it's not for me. Maybe you can take it to Chanel & see what they can do. Although they might say it's supposed to be like this, I'm pretty sure you can change the leather.
  4. My serf tote looks exactly like yours does and I do not like how slouchy it got. Anyone ever restructure theirs? And how did you do it? Stuffing it hasn't helped.
  5. Why is the chanel clasp unhooked, that wouldn't help.
  6. I have the new seasonal cerf that I bought last year from Paris. Love the new leather.. No slouch.

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  7. Is this red? I'm thinking of getting one as my work horse but the slouching is a big turn off until I saw that yours hasn't after a year. Gives me hope.
  8. I guess you could try using a purse organizer. I know a purse organizer is a good way to maintain shape of bags that start to sag so it might be able to hold the shape of the cerf.
  9. Sorry not sure why the pic showed up sideways..I looked right on my ipad.

    It's Coral color :loveeyes: