Chanel Executive Tote Losing Shape :(

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  1. I have a problem,

    I purchased my Executive Tote in Paris at Bon Marche two years ago (I live in Canada) - and it is losing shape. It looks very floppy and when I use the longer shoulder strap - it pulls.

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced similar problems, and if anyone can recommend a course of action for fixing this?

  2. I have added a photo:

  3. [​IMG]


    I have seen this happen... It is just what happens with leather that is not that structured (like the cerf). I think it looks gorgeous!!
  4. Thanks :smile: I was just wondering why I never see Hermes birkin bags that loose their structured look? Do you think that Chanel would replace this based on the lack of structure?
  5. I personally like it when the cerf tote gets slouchy.
  6. I like the way how it looks!
  7. I do not think Chanel would replace it--it's just what happens with the leather they use. Like the others, I like the way it looks.
  8. What u can do to prevent it from getting more slouchy is to stuff it w tissue and lay it flat when ur not using it. HTH and GL
  9. stuff it when you are not using it, it works for me with most of my bags.
  10. I have a cerf and mine doesn't look this slouchy yet (as I do stuff it with tissues, etc.) but I too think that it looks gorgy. It is a natural progression with this style of bag.
  11. I like it-im assuming it doesnt look like that when you actually have stuff in it and carry it?!?! LOL

    Some H bags do slouch-it just depends on the type of leather..............
  12. Stuff the bag well. I hate that look. This is what happens when karl removes all the structure from the bag. It's costs too much to put in structure. Then bags fall apart quickly.... Condition it and stuff it well. You can try bringing to Chanel for a refurbishment and see what they say.
  13. Actually, it is not true that the birkin does not slouch. Many people in the H forum love it when their birkin slouches. There is an entire thread devoted to slouchy birkins. I agree that soft leather will slouch. I really wish my cerf tote wouldn't slouch but it does.
  14. I just bought mine and prefer for it to be more structured. Honestly, I am afraid for my cerf to end up slouchy like yours. To (hopefully) prevent it from happening, I cut and placed cardboard in the outer pockets of the bag, front and bag. Use a stiff cardboard and cut it in the exact size of the outer pockets. HTH!