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  1. I think it’s gorgeous! I have not yet purchased from FASHIONPHILE although I have sold to them. What I do like is there buyback program. You can sell back to them within 6 months for 70% of what you paid so I think that’s a great option.
  2. I'm kind of new to this, but does anyone know if the Red chanel caviar woc come with gold hardware? I mainly see silver
  3. The color is nice. I got one 3 years ago. But havent used it much. Its nice for travel or running small errands. Also depends on your lifestyle. I need my hands to be free so this doesnt really work for me
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  4. I miss the straight forward reveal threads with mod shots we used to get on the Chanel subforum.
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  5. Hey there! thanks for replying :smile:))) If you don't mind me asking, do you purchased preloved bags? if you do, can you please share where? Thanks in advance!
  6. I'm pretty intrigued by online auction sites for bags though, has anyone has any idea and/or thoughts on them? :smile: Have seen a few, and the prices and selection seems good and also looks legit enough for me to want to take the plunge!! But would really appreciate some thoughts from you guys first :smile:
  7. I am thinking of buying a Chanel Boy Bag. Should I purchase it pre-loved or brand new? Is black the recommended colour?:smile:
  8. Do you think that person might have meant Chanel makeup and beauty?
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  9. can anyone tell me which colours are avalable right now in stores for the classic small wallet? I only can see black at the hp
  10. Did you get this? Every time I go in for a mini O case, they try to sell me these. If it had a strap, I might be so inclined. They always have a lot of them in stock.
  11. Follow this thread! And also, you can probably call CHANEL as well.
  12. I didn’t want to post this in Karl’s remembrance thread due to respect... but I still wanted to vent my frustration with Yoogi’s “Karl Lagerfeld is Dead” email. Very very poor taste and is making me reconsider purchasing from them. I may just be sensitive right now but it just feels wrong.

    No kind words, just buy some bags from us.
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  13. I thought it was very crass as well.
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  14. Count me in too. Completely inappropriate
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  15. Definitely in poor taste. Yuck.
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