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  1. [
    My vote is for so black. Goes with everything!
  2. I vote for black!
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  3. I also vote for black but depends what you have in your collection already? If you have lots of black then the pink one is beautiful too!
  4. I seen this posted on IG and can’t wrap my head on what the wearer of this bag was feeling ‍♀️[emoji1439]‍♀️

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  5. Hi all!! I'm new to Chanel and this site, and I would love to purchase one for myself as a reward for graduating college. But due to pricepoint, probably a preowned one? I've seen some at pretty good prices on auction sites. What do you guys feel about those? Would love to get some opinions about auction sites :smile:
  6. Is this from the new cruise? [emoji23] The wearer was likely confused which style to choose so had to get this as a compromise
  7. Make sure you get it authenticated and you’ll be fine. Depending on the style, there might only be a marginal price difference in getting a preloved one though
  8. This doesn’t look authentic to me. I have never come across this style [emoji848]
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  9. #9774 Jan 31, 2019
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    Hi all! The 17b light gold / iridescent rose gold WOC popped up on Fashionphile ( last night and I impulse bought it. I was very disappointed that I missed the seasonal release of this color, but the prices of classic flaps I've seen on preloved websites have always been marked up a ton so I never pulled the trigger.

    It was $2,995 + no tax, which is over the current RP but not by an exorbitant amount since I'd pay $2,500 + approx. 7% sales tax to buy a WOC today. It looks to be in excellent condition from the photos, and comes with the full set, which is a big plus for me. What does everyone think -- is it a manageable enough premium to keep the bag and not look back?
  10. What is the name of this bag

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  11. Looks like a Trendy CC in the smaller size
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  12. CBD424C8-049F-47B4-8231-ADA5D5F3FB63.jpeg
    Since I live nowhere near a Chanel boutique, I got past my aprehension of purchasing preloved and took the plunge with this bag I found on Fashionphile. It’s an 2018 quilted square mini in caviar leather with light gold hardware, listed in excellent condition and came with the box, dustbag, authenticity card, original paperwork, polishing mitt, cloth ribbon, and camellia flower. As far as I can see on close inspection it looks brand new and everything is in order. Should I have it authenticated, and how would I go about doing that since I don’t live near a boutique? TIA for your help and advice!
  13. Rant away! I have the same gripe about my Nordstrom’s. They took away almost all premier designers. I can only buy CHANEL makeup or fragrance from them. My closet CHANEL is in a SAKS about an hour from my house. Nordstrom’s SA told me I guess it’s a way for these designers to make their line more exclusive or not saturate the market.

    The SAKS is a 15-30 minute drive from my work. But I take a train to work. So I have literally taken a bus to SAKS. And then if I had purchased something, I Uber back to work because I don’t want to carry a ginormous SAKS bag on the bus. [emoji15]
  14. Wow! I thought an hour ride was a pain. But an airplane ride is worse! I’m not sure where you live but maybe if it’s your first purchase, you can make a trip out of it? If you want to do that, I would say to go somewhere that has a lot of Places to get CHANEL, like NYC or VEGAS. That way you can increase your chances of getting the one you want. You can also call a store but then you won’t be able to see what you’re buying. Good luck !
  15. Should I get this? Just wondering how functional it is :confused1:

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