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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to ask..

    I'm looking to get a pink flap and am not sure which seasons these might be released.. any ideas? I saw the 19C pink but it's too bright for me and am looking for a more subdued/dusty/light pink.

    Thank you in advance!
  2. Anybody else have a terrible experience with repairs?

    Chanel sent me someone else's broken earrings and is holding mine hostage even though they were the ones who made the mistake. They are refusing to give mine back until they have received the other ones. I want to at least have a tracking number before I send the other ones off because they've stopped communicating with me recently.
  3. Hi there, just want to ask anyone who has a chanel 2.55 reissue. I just noticed that the external back pocket on the bag I bought (still being authenticed on a separate thread) I peaked in to check and as I was trying to get my fingers around it, I was able to flip the flap that's attached to the other pocket. Is this normal? Or sign of a fake?
  4. Hello, I was looking to buy my first luxury handbag. Could anyone offer suggestions? Pictures would also be appreciated. Thank you
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  6. Hi all, just wondering what everyone does with the backings on their Chanel earrings? Do you remove the plastic part or leave it on? Does this affect value if you remove it?
  7. Need some opinions! Can’t decide which lambskin medium classic flap to keep.

    19C Royal Blue

    Or 2017 Iridescent purple

    I’m totally in love with both but I may like the purple just a hair more. It’s cheaper too since it’s not current season. Problem is I know I’ll probably get more wear out of the blue since it’s more of a neutral color and easier to match.

    Which would you choose?
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  8. The blue is lovely, but the purple is SINGING to me! Goodness, that iridescent color is gorgeous! :heart::heart::heart:
  9. I prefer the blue but the purple is stunning also!!
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  10. both are gorgeous, but the blue
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  11. Personally don't like the purple one. Reminds me of the old-school circus-like flitters.
  12. I think the blue one will get more mileage. I will go for the blue one
  13. Thanks for the advice everyone! While part of me still yearns for the purple, I decided to stick with the blue
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  14. I usually DON'T buy fabric handbags because I have this hangup that leather is "worth the money". BUT I recently was lured into purchasing a fabric Chanel flap bag from Vestaire. It's the bandana print in black. It seems to be a kind of cotton fabric. Does anyone have any tips for owning, wearing, caring for a fabric bag? It's this model...
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