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  1. Hello! Was wondering if this is normal for my new boy bag... the Chanel logo on the inside looks wrinkly. I’m worried it’ll rub off eventually with wear. Is this normal? Thanks in advance!

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  2. Need a help from all of u pleasee.. :smile:

    I'm planning to buy a Preloved M/L Black Lambskin Classic Double Flap with gold hardware. But I'm having 2nd thought, since from the pics that the seller give me, the inside cc logo on the inside flap is flat. like the one in the reissue. I saw lots of review and see mostly they have puff cc logo for M/L classic double flap.

    Do some of you knows that it's possible to have flat cc logo in the M/L classic double flap like in the pics below? its from the 15xx series. Need your help soo much.. thanks :smile: :smile:
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  3. wrong thread.. if you can post all images and the link in the authentication thread, they can help u there.
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  4. Ladies! Urgent responses needed! I can’t decide between a pink reissue or the new so black help!
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  6. For me that shade of pink is perfect, I love it. Before I bought my chevron reissue there was a similar raspberry pink version and I was in love with it but by the time I could actually afford my reissue it was gone ‍♀️

    Either way, there is no bad decision here, thy are both beautiful.
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  7. I don’t like my Maxi...
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  8. Hello! Does anyone know if these come in black? Thank you!

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  9. Hi. My freing bought a really nice grey metallic 226 reissue. It looks realy beatifull and everything seems okay. The only thing strange is that it doesent say ”Made In” below the logo inside or anywhere else. Does anyone know if some bags are made without the made in? Thanks. Regards Susanne IMG_1541345020.945613.jpg
  10. I dont know I am afraid but I am sure if you post this in the authenicate area the lovely ppl there will be able to give you a better answer.
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  11. So- I recently purchased a blue large trendy cc...I truly love it, but I'm having second thoughts due to price and functionality . Does anyone have this size/style and can give advice? IMG_20181111_193401.jpg IMG_20181111_193350.jpg IMG_20181111_193437.jpg IMG_20181111_193443.jpg
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  12. This is the Trendy Cc top handle in blue( it reminds me of a Parisian blue, hints of purple in it). Unfortunately it is just a little too small for my current laptop, which is why I'm having second thoughts about it. She's beautiful though!
  13. Hi - how do you store your chanel cashmere scarf?