cerises speedy and matching change purse

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  1. here are photos of my multicolor Porte Trésor International.......i used it 2-3 times before putting in its dustbag where it's been sitting....

    the inside hasn't patinaed yet so it's pretty pale...the outside corners have patinaed a tiny bit and there are creases inside where the wallet opens and closes and a tiny indentation on the inside where the bottom metal tab touches above the change purse (can be seen in photos).....this is inevitable....

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  2. Oh please...tell your boyfriend IF he gets audited you will pay the taxes due. I would doubt that anyone pays all the taxes due on Ebay!

  3. photos of my Cerises Speedy and Cerises Porte Monnaie Rond change purse/keychain

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  4. he just loves to ***** at me for my spending habits.....
  5. in case u ladies are interested i should have an ebay auction posted in about 2 weeks (that's when my spring break is) so keep an eye out for it
  6. I love your collection girlie..please PM me when you have this up and running...:love:
  7. If you can sell it off ebay to someone you trust, you should. It'll save a chunk of change. You should open a paypal act though so someone could pay you. I vote for twinklette! She's wanted one for a while;) Anyway best of luck on your sale. V
  8. wow, pretty nice pics, good job! i love the speedy and the little change purse.
  9. thanks so much........they only turned out decent cuz i took ur advice (or at least i tried :worried:smile:.......took me like 10 minutes to figure out how to get the flash off (pretty much just pressed all the buttons til the darned thing turned off :shame:smile:
  10. LOL. that is too funny!!!
  11. i kinda think i broke something cuz now every time i take a photo it flashes "record" in red but that's ok.......will find me a man to fix it for me--i'm so useless when it comes to these things :biggrin:
  12. hmmm, do you have the camera on video setting? might be recording a video. lol.
  13. I want the cerises change purse :smile: Please let use know when you list it!
  14. PMed u about it :worried: