cerises speedy and matching change purse

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  1. i really should honestly it's a huge pain in the ass doing everything through my boyfriend's account (always with the.....i can't believe ur paying that much for that....what do u need that for...that's ugly.....)

    i've been so sheltered all my life i don't know how to do anything :sad2: in terms of banking/paying for things/etc but hopefully i'll learn

    and fayden i hope u'll get a chance to look over my photos when i post them and critique them cuz u always have the most beautiful/clear photographs of your bags
  2. Hello! by any chance is the round change purse a keychain??? Do you have any keychains you want to sell?
  3. it is the keychain........it has the keychain which can be tucked into the round change purse or left out.....i used it to hang off the front of my speedy like an accessory
  4. hey i can give you tips on how to take good photos! :lol:
  5. thank u :shame: i guess i'll try taking a few tonight and see how i do......

    is there any particular type of lighting i should try to take them in/try to avoid? indoor/outdoors?

    i've noticed a lot of photos have so much glare the monogram looks strangely shiny and u can't really see the detail at all
  6. and thanks to everyone for their PM's...........i'm stll not 100% certain whether i want to sell the speedy or not (i always have regrets....if i buy it i have regrets, if i don't buy it i have regrets....i drive myself and my boyfriend nuts) but if i do decide to sell you ladies will be the first to know
  7. try to use overhead lighting, if you have maybe a high lamp, or if you've got a big window with good lighting. i use a table top with a white wall for background, avoid as much clutter as possible. i open the windows but the table is a good few feet away from the window, so it's not direct sunlight, and i turn on all the lights in the house.

    once you've got that, avoid using a flash, that causes glare.

    if you have a decent digital camera see if you can manually set the white balance. if you don't know how to do that, just choose automatic white balance.

    use the flower button for close ups. try to keep the bag centered. try not to crop the bag out of the frame. keep your hands still...

    that's for starters.
  8. Those are good tips. Thanks :P
  9. Best of luck either way! =)

    First time selling on eBay can be both stressful and exciting!

    Another tip is you could wait for eBay's seller listing promotions. For example; First time sellers will get five 5 cent listings. Or monthly promotions -yesterday you could list anything for 10 cents. Which comes in handy when an item is over $1000 -you save some because you'll only have to pay ebay commission.

    Another tip is to try and list during afternoons. I know there's international time changes, but keep it after work or dinner when buyers are free. Listing in the mornings or during noons make it less accessible.

    Lastly, be firm on your return policy and ask buyers to ask any questions before bidding. I've heard horror stories of buyers returning fakes after asking for a refund. They do it intentionally because they scout for it.

  10. Hey JC!

    If you're seriously considering selling your Speedy, it's a great idea to sell to someone here! You'll avoid the potentially high Ebay fees (can be as much as 5% of the final price) and the stress of having to take pictures and creating the auction, and you'll know that your Speedy is going to someone who's going to cherish it and love it forever. :smile:

    Good luck though, whatever you decide. Fayden has some great tips.
  11. I would personally keep them, they are, afterall, limited edition pieces. You may not use them a lot yet, but I'm sure you will...and if you don't, you can keep them and know that only a handful of people have them.
  12. Good luck selling - you should have no problem at all!

    And I agree with clanalois, if there's anyone who would purchase from here - you would avoid lots of fees.

    If you do decide to use ebay - put a reserve. You want to make sure you get what you're willing to sell it for. Although - I'm pretty certain it would go for above that.
  13. i think i'll list in the marketplace first and take offers and then see if i wanna go through ebay or not.....still not sure tho

    if i do sell, will probably sell the change purse first just because i don't wanna sell the speedy and end up with a chnage purse that doesn't match anything or i might try selling both together
  14. Vlad does not allow you to sell in the marketplace if you don't have the auction running in ebay already. I tried that. but he rejected my post..

    I am pretty sure you'll get a decent amount for that speedy. Ask for at least above the retail.. somewhere around $1300 and put in "best offer". I am sure someone would jump on it. :amuse:
    Good luck !! :lol::lol:
  15. just read this :sad2:....sorry to the ladies who i PMed saying i'd be posting photos to the market place.....i'll be posting photos here instead i guess before i decide whether or not i want to bother with ebay........photos will be up in a few minutes :P