cerises speedy and matching change purse

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  1. so i've been thinking of selling my cerises speedy for awhile since i've had it since it came out and i've only carried it 2-3 times.........i also have the matching round change purse

    i would like to get back what i spent on the items as they are in almost perfect condition, with a slight patina on the handles......do you ladies think that if i put them up for auction together on ebay i coudl get a fair price? or should i list them separately? or keep them?

    i'm also thinking of selling my panda agenda since i've never used it after i bought it (honestly the thought of having to maintain the screenprinted on pattern kinda scares me......those who know me know that i'm the most anal bag-owner ever and i live in fear of dirtying/ruining my bags)

    and i use my panda pochette with the panda extender alot but again anal......if i sold all these off that would be the bulk of my bag collection......

    any opinions would be appreciated.......i can't seem to make up my mind on what to do
  2. OMG if you want to sell your cerises items please let me know? I've been looking everywhere for these and have had no luck with authentic ones :love: If you don't use them and don't think you will, then maybe you should sell them (and I'm not saying this just because I want your cerises items lol). I was in the same boat with a tan Paddington I bought. I carried it 1x but it just wasn't me. So I sold it and got the sable color which I adore. You could use the $ for the cerises items to get LV's that you really like! If you do list on ebay, I would list separately.

    Since you do use the panda items, maybe you should keep those.

  3. as long as you provide good (detailed) pics and still have your receipts (and include those in the auction), i think you will have good luck selling on ebay.
  4. I'm pretty sure you can ask for above retail on those items, there's no worries there. As long as there are a lot of detailed pictures, there's plenty of discriminating fashionistas with an eye for the authentic that would snap them up ! ;)
  5. will have to root around in my LV bags for the receipt....not sure if i have those......but i'll try to post photos after i get home from school tonight or tomorrow so that you ladies can tell me what you think (of the condition of the bag, of the photos, etc.).....i know that i have the dust bag and the box it came in and the little info booklet and stuff........

    oh and would it be strange to list together a multicolor wallet, cerises speedy and cerises change purse?.....probably, right?
  6. If you list them as a lot, you probably won't get as much as you could separately.

    And I can only afford a wallet.. so please please list separately so I can at least get in the running !! ;)
  7. not strange to list them together, but probably not a lot of people want ALL three.

    i say list them separately. you'll easily get at least $1150 for the speedy. possibly more.
  8. i will most definitely list separately then :biggrin:

    keep an eye out for my auctions please :shame: if i do decide to sell they should be up on ebay within a week or so.......

    oooh and sorry for all the questions but if i say i can only accept money orders (since the ebay account is my boyfriend's and i don't actually have my own bank account.....he tells me if i keep using his account to sell stuff like me books it looks like he's making money and he has to pay taxes on it?) would that deter people from wanting to bid on my auction? (honestly i'm not even sure what a money order is lol but it sounds like something i can cash)
  9. oh and thank u thank u to ayla, killerlife and twinklette........i've said it a million times before but i love this forum (where else coudl i ask all these bag related questions and not get a ur so strange/crazy/please keep away from me look)
  10. let us know when your auction is up!! I would send a money order if needed.... :P
  11. If you accept only money orders it may dissuade some from bidding. You may want to look into other options for payment. 1150+ is a lot to send in a money order (I think it may even be over the limit for money orders), plus there is no buyer protection like credit cards and Paypal offer. When you do sell them, make sure you post in the marketplace here!!
  12. It has deterred me in the past. Lots of people won't have enough cash to buy a money order and send it to you. If you accepted credit card paypal payments then you'd still get paid and they could pay it off on their credit card bill, correct?
  13. that's true........i've never seen a money order and didn't realize it required cash........hmmmm.........ebay is giving me a headache :worried:

    if it weren't for u ladies i woudln't even know where to begin in selling my bag so again thank u........
  14. yup money orders are cash bought only. you should open up a bank acct and get a paypal acct. i can't believe you don't have one already! lol.
  15. It probably would, since buyers have some protection with using a credit card through PayPal. I haven't sent a money order for an eBay auction in years. I don't even go after auctions where PayPal isn't accepted, just because the method of payment is much quicker, I can get my item faster :biggrin:

    I'm sure you can get above retail on the items, especially the cerises, since it's very popular and now discontinued. Like ayla said, take lots of good, detailed photos and provide as much information about the bag and its history as possible. Good luck! :biggrin: